Trouble contacting Aquadive

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    Trouble contacting Aquadive

    Hello everyone ...
    Has anyone had any trouble getting in touch with Ben from Aquadive?
    I had an email exchange with him regarding sending a watch to them for some service, the conversation was almost complete, all I needed was the address he wanted the watch sent to.
    Then he went silent, this was 8 days ago, and I have emailed him at the same address a couple of times ... and no response, seems strange.
    I even went to the site and opened an email there and all I got was a computer response, saying I would be contacted within a couple of hours. That was a day ago ??
    Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same thing or if anyone has had contact.

    Just getting a little frustrated ...

    Best, Ross

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    Re: Trouble contacting Aquadive

    No that does surprise me as every time I've needed to contact them, Ben has been bang on the money with responding. Hopefully he'll be back in touch to clear up this issue you have with the dial on your BS100.

    Best of luck....

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    Trouble contacting Aquadive

    Thank you for the reply ... yes hopefully I would like to get this watch on the road to recovery

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