New member here, looking for some wisdom from fellow watch collectors. I just received the Alpina Alpiner 4 Flyback Chronograph (with the AL-760 movement) that I bought a couple of weeks ago. I noticed something in that Alpina that I've never seen before in a mechanical watch, despite owning and having owned over 50 pieces, ranging from cheap Chinese watches to fairly high-end Swiss ones.

After I wind the watch, the second hand starts, but the minute hand does not start immediately. After about 80 seconds, on multiple tests, the minute hands starts as well and proceeds to operate normally. It is not dependent on the position of the watch, or any tap on the back, or crown position, etc.

Anybody seen anything like that in an Alpina, especially in the manufacture Flyback Chrono (or in an FC with the same movement)? Any other watch you've ever owned?

Thanks in advance, if you take the time to share your thoughts.