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    repair advice

    Hi all,
    I have a loose screw floating around in the watch crystal of my Frederick constant heartbeat automatic...

    I sent it back to the official repair shop in Ohio and they wanted $323 !!!!!!!

    Did I make mistake? Should have it sent back to me?

    Or should I try my hand with some local watch shops

    FYI I bought the watch for about $600 dollars on eBay

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    Re: repair advice

    Wow. I wouldn't pay over $300 to have a screw put back in place. I would call a few local places and get a quick estimate over the phone since you know exactly what the problem is. If you are willing/daring, try your hand at it

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    Re: repair advice

    A good local watchmaker should be able to fix it for much less than $300, IMHO.

    When you send it back to the company for repair, be prepared to open your checkbook as their servicing is not cheap.
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    Re: repair advice

    A $600 FC auto should be using the 2824 movement, a competent watchsmith can probably put it back in 15min time.

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    Re: repair advice

    For $300.00 they should be doing a full service. Do you know if that is the case? If it is the I would go ahead and let them do the full service, 300 is in line with what it should cost. A full service is taking the watch apart fully and cleaning and lubricating the movement. It should also include replacing any worn parts as well. Stoll & Company is the company is an Authorized Service Center for quite a few brands in the US. I have had watches worked on by them under warranty and was pleased with the results. If you want to save money and just have the screw removed which is something that Stoll probably won't do since they have to warranty the repair and follow Alpina guidelines for repairing. Have it sent back and a local watchsmith should be able to find the screw and repair it for a fraction of the cost.

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