Well to start with the short answer . . . . . .it’s there to stay!

And I will gladly explain why in this thread.

Actually it started as ‘only’ an introduction action; the first 50 TWCO Sea Rescue Divers would be delivered in this great case.
The first 50 are sold so . . . . no more introduction action, however . . . . .
Many of you asked me if it was still possible to get their TWCO supplied in this Explorer Case and of course I understand why.
In fact I never expected or realized that this case was appreciated this much and would become so popular!

It almost slipped away BUT.... now it’s here to STAY.

So: I hear you!
From now on: all future TWCO Sea Rescue Divers will be supplied in this great TWCO Explorer Case.
And I know this will make many of you very happy!
Stay tuned.

For any further question or remarks just let me know.