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    Re: INTRODUCING: the TWCO Salvage Diver

    Nice easy to read and good style, except for me, the case should be 46mm for the two crowns to look proportionate.....On the present size they look too big.....
    Lee Rappeport

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    Re: INTRODUCING: the TWCO Salvage Diver

    My favorite is the "tactical"
    Very nice watch, really good design and perfect matching color.
    The combo with orange and black is superb!

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    Re: INTRODUCING: the TWCO Salvage Diver

    This is really a great looking watch. Might need to get one.

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    Re: INTRODUCING: the TWCO Salvage Diver

    Off course i can tell you how great it is but . . . .
    See for yourself and check below this independent review on Worn & Wound​.

    Link: TWCO Salvage Diver Review - worn&wound
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    Re: INTRODUCING: the TWCO Salvage Diver

    Looks really beautiful, thanks Robbert!

    Where in the Netherlands are you based? Is it possible to come visit the production facility at some point if I am traveling in the area?

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    Re: INTRODUCING: the TWCO Salvage Diver

    All new to me, this brand. I like it.

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