As in previous years, SalonQP 2013 will shake up the horological scene with over half a dozen UK premiers.

TAG Heuer’s MikroPendulumS will make its UK debut at the show. This year’s evolution from the Mikro platform, which replaces traditional hairsprings with magnets, has already gained a reputation as one of the most radical and innovative calibres to have appeared in recent years.

Hermès will show the Pendentif Boule, a new pendant watch designed to be worn around the neck. The diamond-set timepiece hangs in a ball that can roll and rotate, with the back hemisphere cased in leather. The watch will be on show to the public for the first time at SalonQP.

Another winner of the Grand Prix – and the first independent brand out of Geneva to become one – Kari Voutilainen will exhibit a unique piece prepared in honour of the event: the Vingt-8 GMT, the latest in a stunning series made entirely in-house. Fellow Genevan brand Breva will present the amazing Genie 01, the first wristwatch to accurately forecast the weather using a mechanical, non-mercury movement, and the ever-popular Nomos Glashütte will bring its Baselworld success stories – the Ahoi and the 38 Series – to the British public for the first time.

Also worth looking for is AkriviA: SalonQP is its first ever UK event and it will be showing a gold version of its stunning Tourbillon Monopusher Chronograph.

Meanwhile, Konstantin Chaykin’s Cinema Watch contains two movements: one for timekeeping and one for an animation using the principles of a zoopraxiscope (the forerunner of modern film projectors). This timepiece will keep you entertained with a small movie of a galloping horse and rider in a window at 6 o’clock.

Urwerk is sure to fascinate with its recently perfected EMC timepiece. SalonQP will feature a fully working prototype of this technological marvel, which can measure its own performance. Only the proof of concept has been presented to the public before.

Leading ‘Team GB’ is master watchmaker Peter Roberts’ Concentrique, of which only 44 examples will be made. Roberts designed the groundbreaking watch when he was 20 years old – this commercial offering finally answers calls from admirers over the past 40 years.

Also hailing from this green and pleasant land, Hoptroff's Number 10 pocket watch, developed in London under the codename Atom Heart Mother, is the world's first atomic-powered watch. With a self- contained accuracy of one and a half seconds per thousand years, Hoptroff claims it’s the most accurate watch ever made by a factor of 5,000.

Other British efforts come in the form of leading independent brands such as Schofield, Pinion and Bremont. The latter will be unveiling its head-turning Codebreaker to the public for first time, while Pinion will debut its first ever watch, the Axis, which was assembled in the UK, and Schofield will launch the Blacklamp Carbon in a limited edition of 101 watches all named after British lighthouses.

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