Poljot International Polar Bear 2006 ? extinct species (AWW 51)
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Thread: Poljot International Polar Bear 2006 ? extinct species (AWW 51)

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    Poljot International Polar Bear 2006 – extinct species (AWW 51)

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    Name: Poljot International Polar Bear
    References: 2423.2004791 … 2423.2004797
    Movement: manual wind Poljot 2423, 17 jewels, 19.800 bph, 38h power reserve
    Time display: 24 hour (24 on top), minute, sweep seconds
    Date: no date
    Case: all stainless steel with 4 screws glass case back
    Size: 36 mm diameter without crown, 40 mm with crown, 42 mm lug to lug
    Height: 9,5 mm
    Face: different variations
    Text on dial: [Poljot International logo] - ПОЛЯРНЫЕ - [Polar Bear logo] - POLAR BEAR - МОСКВА РОССИЯ
    Hands and markers: luminous nickel hands and hour indexes
    Water-resistance: 3 ATM water protected
    Crown: signed main protected crown at 3
    Crystal: domed acrylic crystal
    Lug: 18 mm
    Bracelet: leather strap with signed clasp


    This first generation of Polar Bear by Poljot International, was presented in 2006, I believe. In three years these watches were sold out. The list price in Germany was about 290 €.

    I have two examples of first Polar Bear generation by Poljot International. Both bought some years ago from Germany, which is understandable, as Poljot International is a German brand. To find these sold out watches nowadays is very hard. Believe me or not, even to find pictures of these watches in web is a difficult task. There was 7 different dial versions in first generation, and from #6 of them only one (!) small picture is to be found. Watches and pictures are gone.


    I asked Poljot International how many first generation Polar Bears were produced. To my surprise the kind answer said they produced 1000 watches from this series. That means in average 145 watches per dial version. Not very much, but not so few.

    Here are all seven dial versions, pictures from 24hourwatch.info (same as poljot.hu):

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    The reference numbers are (left to right) 2423.2004791 … 2423.2004797. As you see there are 3 designs available as white or black and 7th model is black only.

    The most popular (according to number of pictures in web) is nice white guilloche dial #3. And the rarest one is as I said black #6. The picture here is the only one I could find of #6.
    I have watches #2 (2423.2004792) and #3 (2423.2004793).

    Almost all watches have round cases. Square, or if you like cushion cases, are rare. I find them very stylish, especially for dress watches of course. If you are looking for a nice 24h square watch, then all you have is this Polar Bear series and then very expensive Girard-Perregaux Richeville day and night (to be precise, GP has tonneau or barrel shape case).

    My two watches looks very different to me. The white one is pure dress watch, the black one is casual, I would say. But the technical side is identic, of course.

    Case is here all stainless steel, with glass case back. (A lot of Poljot International 12h models also got the same case.)

    Poljot International is a German brand, established by Alexander Shorokhoff and located in Alzenau. Last decade they used only Russian movements, mostly Poljot and Slava. Polar Bear has Poljot 2423 24 hour movement. As you can see through the glass case back the movement is thoroughly refined with blue-dyed screws and looks really nice. On the case back is serial number, the white one is #360, the black one #319.

    Interesting, back window is mineral glass, front crystal is acrylic.

    The watch is small, 36 x 36 mm, but wears much bigger. What I like is that the watch is thin, only 9,5 mm and sits nicely on the wrist.

    Legibility, one of the most important qualities of a watch, is better with the black one. But not flawless, the missing hour markers for 1, 11, 13 and 23 can be confusing.

    It is a matter of taste, of course, but I strongly prefer the white one. The black one is too simple, too casual. The white one is classy and stylish.

    The black one has original Poljot International black leather strap, the white one has aftermarket strap. Versions with stainless steel bracelet existed too. In this case “B” was added to the reference number, e.g. 2423.2004791B


    I like these Bears. Most of them are designed as dress watch and that’s right for a square watch. This is how it looks to me. What plans PI designers had, I don’t know.

    In August 2006, representatives of Poljot International participated in North Pole expedition with nuclear ice breaker “Yamal” to promote new Polar Bear models. Reaching North Pole watch showed the exact time, in spite of the strong influence of magnetic fields and low temperature. Nice to know, that your watch is reliable

    If you ever need some 24h dress watch, then Polar Bear generation 2006 can be a watch for you. If you can find one …

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    Re: Poljot International Polar Bear 2006 – extinct species (AWW 51)

    Additional gallery.

    Here are some pictures more.

    From Poljot International archived websites I could retrieve only 4 pictures (## 1, 3, 4, 5).

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    Some nice pictures more.

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    Re: Poljot International Polar Bear 2006 – extinct species (AWW 51)

    The white one is positively beautiful, and it's my current grail watch. It's square, which is something I want but I don't have, it's a classy white dial, it's beautiful and so unique. I've been hunting for one actively for a few years now and haven't turned anything up for sale except for the one that I got robbed on last year. It was so heartbreaking when the box turned out to be empty.

    I've even resorted to prospecting known owners (of which I can find very few online) and asking them if they'd be willing to sell, so far with no luck. I'm really holding off on other watch purchases so that I can keep my focus on this one and be ready if one comes up available.

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