Vostok 2416b Service notes
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    Vostok 2416b Service notes

    Service notes
    Boctok caliber 2416b
    Dave Murphy

    Instructions are below each picture.

    Back Side:

    Remove 1 screw and rotor
    Remove Stem
    Remove movement from case
    Remove hands and dial

    1 screw and reversing wheels keeper
    3 screws and auto-wind bridge

    1.) Reversing Wheels
    2.) First Reduction Wheel
    3.) ratchet wheel driving wheel
    4.)Screw, click, and click spring underneath
    5.)screw and ratchet wheel
    6.)Left Hand screw and crown wheel

    At this point, You can (and should) unwind the mainspring barrel.

    Remove 2 screws and Movement Spacer
    Remove 2 Dial Screws (not seen in this photo)
    Remove Calendar Jumper Spring
    Remove 3 screws and Calendar cover plate

    These are Flat head screws

    1.) Calendar Jumper
    2.) Foil
    3.)Hour Wheel
    4.)Date Ring
    5.)intermediate calendar wheel
    6.)screw and Calendar wheel
    7.)Calendar cam (under the calendar wheel)
    8.)screw and Calendar cam spring (under the date ring)

    3 screws and Keyless Cover

    These are Cheese head screws

    1.)minute wheel
    2.)setting wheel
    3.)setting yoke spring
    4.)setting yoke
    5.)setting lever
    6.)sliding pinion
    7.)winding pinion

    Remove Cannon Pinion. I used the #1 Presto Hand puller

    shock spring
    cap jewel
    Pierced jewel

    Remove Shock spring, cap, and pierced jewel on the other side

    Note: use tool made from pegwood

    1.) 1 screw and wheel train bridge. Make note of the location of this screw.
    2.) 3rd wheel
    3.) 4th wheel (underneath)
    4.) escape wheel (underneath)

    1.) Second reduction gear for auto-wind
    2.) 1 screw, seconds hand pinion spring, and seconds hand pinion
    3.) 3 screws and winding bridge

    1.) Center Wheel
    2.) Winding barrel
    3.)Crown wheel click post. Spring will be attached to winding bridge underside.
    4.) Stem Release button
    5.) 1 screw and balance assembly

    1.) 1 screw and pallet lever bridge
    2.) pallet lever

    Boctok 2416b
    Cleaning and Oiling notes
    Dave Murphy

    Cleaned in ultrasonic cleaner, in 3 beakers.
    Cleaning: 2 cycles in L&R Extra Fine Watch Cleaning Solution
    First Rinse: 1 cycle in L&R Ultrasonic Watch Rinsing Solution
    Final Rinse: 1 cycle in L&R Ultrasonic Watch Rinsing Solution

    1 load: Entire keyless, setting, and calendar works EXCEPT day ring
    1 Load: Motion works
    1 load; all plates and bridges
    1 load: Balance assembly, alone

    After final rinse:
    Balance assembly, balance pierced and cap jewels, shock assemblies rinsed in “One Dip” hairspring cleaner.

    Oiling strategy:

    Moebius 9010 on low-load jeweled pivots
    Moebius 9020 on medium-load jeweled pivots
    Moebius D-5 on high-load jeweled pivots
    Moebius 9415 on pallet stones
    Moebius 8141 in the mainspring barrel
    Moebius 8217 Braking grease on the mainspring barrel wall
    PML Stem Grease for metal-to-metal sliding contact

    Oiling amounts:
    Using the black oiler,
    Light = dipped to a depth 1/3 of the oiler’s width.
    Medium= dipped to a depth 2/3 of the oiler’s width.
    Heavy= dipped to a depth equal to the oiler’s width.

    Unless noted, use light to medium oiling on the black oiler.

    Boctok 2416 Assembly and Oiling
    Dave Murphy

    Mainspring Barrel Wall in 2 places, 8217, yellow oiler, medium heavy

    Arbor to Mainspring using pin vise (inset)
    Wind spring into barrel

    Barrel floor, 8141, yellow oiler medium-heavy
    Mainspring coils, 8141, yellow oiler, medium heavy

    Barrel cover

    Barrel arbor, D5, (both sides) (inset)

    Pallet Lever
    Pallet lever bridge and 1 screw

    Do not Lubricate the Pallet lever pivots.

    Identification of wheels

    Brass pin for crown wheel click post, PML
    Area where crown wheel click post slides, PML

    1.)Winding Bridge (this view is the underside)
    2.) Crown Wheel Click post, so it pivots on the brass pin
    3.) Crown wheel click post spring

    Mainspring Barrel (inset)
    Center Wheel (inset)
    The Stem Release Button! (inset)

    Winding bridge and 3 screws. The Crown wheel click post must pivot and spring back when it is assembled.

    Center wheel jewels, D-5, (both sides)
    Barrel Arbors, D-5 heavy, both sides

    1.) Escape wheel (inset)
    2.) 4th wheel (inset)
    3.) 3rd wheel (inset)
    4.) Second winding reduction wheel
    5.) Wheel train Bridge and 2 screws (inset)

    Escape wheel pivots 9010 both sides
    4th wheel pivots 9010 both sides
    3rd wheel pivots 9020 both sides
    Second winding reduction wheel post, D-5

    Seconds hand pinion

    bearing surface, underside of seconds hand pinion spring, D-5
    surface under click, 9010

    seconds hand pinion spring and 1 screw
    ratchet wheel and 1 screw
    click spring
    click and 1 screw
    crown wheel

    click post 9010
    crown wheel post D-5

    Left hand screw to crown wheel

    Flip to the dial side of the movement.
    Lubricate pallet stones, Light 9415, on impulse surfaces only. Access is through the 2 rectangular holes.

    balance assembly, 1 screw

    Lubricate cap jewel, medium heavy, to cover 1/2 to 2/3 of cap jewel (inset)

    Assemble pierced jewel to cap jewel
    assemble shock assemblies with pegwood tool.

    At this point, movement should run. Put a screwdriver in the screw holding the ratchet wheel, and wind.

    Ratchet wheel driving wheel (inset)
    First winding Reduction Wheel (inset)
    Auto-wind bridge and 3 screws
    Both reversing wheels
    Reversing wheels keeper and 1 screw

    Posts for Reversing wheels, D-5
    1 jewel in each reversing wheel, D-5
    First winding reduction wheel jewels, D-5, both sides
    Ratchet wheel driving wheel jewels, D-5, both sides

    Stem pivot, PML
    Stem clutch square, PML
    Stem set lever notch, PML
    Stem shoulder, PML

    Sliding Clutch Pinion
    Winding Pinion

    Sliding Clutch pinion slot, PML
    Sliding Clutch pinion Breguet teeth, PML
    Winding Pinion Breguet teeth, PML

    Seconds hand pinion, 9010
    Center wheel post, D-5

    Install Cannon pinion using pin vise

    Lubricate with PML:
    Stem Release button
    Post for setting yoke
    Post for minute wheel
    Post for setting wheel

    minute wheel
    setting wheel
    setting lever
    setting yoke
    setting yoke spring

    Lubricate with PML:
    "heel" of setting yoke
    post on setting lever
    side of setting lever where keyless cover springs against it
    edge of setting lever where it touches the setting yoke

    Keyless cover and 3 screws. (inset)
    note: hook the cover spring on to the post on the setting lever

    Lubricate outside of Cannon pinion, 9020

    Lubricate with PML:
    post for intermediate calendar wheel
    under calendar cam
    post for date ring jumper

    Hour Wheel
    Dial Foil (not shown)
    intermediate calendar wheel
    calendar cam
    date ring jumper

    Lubricate with PML:
    top of calendar wheel
    hub+shoulder of calendar wheel screw

    date wheel jumper
    calendar wheel with 1 screw
    calendar cam spring and 1 screw

    2 or 3 teeth of the date ring, PML

    Date ring,
    Calendar cover and 3 screws
    calendar jumper spring

    Dial screws
    Movement spacer and 2 screws
    Dial and hands
    Rotor and 1 screw

    rotor bearing, 9020
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