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    Re: 2 hopefully minor issues

    Quote Originally Posted by Snakepottery View Post
    What Pithy is saying is . . .
    No, what pithy is saying is . . . .

    2 hopefully minor issues

    This and nothing more.
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    Re: 2 hopefully minor issues

    Quote Originally Posted by mharris660 View Post
    If you do decide to learn a little more about watch repair it's a good one to learn on. Also, there is a way to manually wind that watch for testing purposes. You have to remove the back to do it but it's very easy. Really good learning info here: Nicholas Hacko Watchmaker DIY Seiko 7S26 Sydney
    7S26...and all Seiko "magic finger" autos: winding via the ratchet wheel screw with the auto winding parts intact risks excessive wear to the pawls and the second reduction wheel.

    It is surprisingly easy to put 1000 turns on the rotor. You can feel the rotor as you swing the watch in your dominate hand in sets of ten revolutions...then count with your non-dominant hand. You'll hit 1000 very quickly...and it is great exercise to loosen up your wrist...

    @OP: Note that low end watches often cost more to ship/service than a buyer paid. I am convinced that Gray Market Seikos may be rejects that were smuggled out of the factory instead of destroyed...I've never seen one that DIDN'T require service to perform reasonably. Power reserve: in your case, put at least 1000 turns on the rotor...leave the watch stationary, dial up until it stops...note beginning/ending time & date. If it doesn't run at least 36 hours, you should have the watch serviced. Regards, BG

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