6105-8000 stem and crown

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    6105-8000 stem and crown

    Can anyone tell where can I find a reliable source for an authentic Seiko 6105-8000 stem and crown ?
    Or am I just as well going with one of these off eBay ?

    Seiko 6105 8000 & 8009 diver stem & silver crown for part ... | eBay

    Brand New CROWN and STEM for Seiko 6217 & 6105 8000 8009 Automatic Divers Watch | eBay
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    Re: 6105-8000 stem and crown

    Have you tried any of the material houses? Cas-Ker, Livesays, Esslinger, etc......

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    Re: 6105-8000 stem and crown

    First one is original. But not cheap. The other is AM. Seen better looking AM crowns then that. They are very rare. A stem is pretty easy to find. But the crown????. Search the different forums?

    Deep pockets you could buy this?
    Vintage NOS Seiko Crown Diver6105-8000 6105-8009 6217-8000 6217-8001 62Mas | eBay
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    Re: 6105-8000 stem and crown

    well hello my friend...well i had the same problem as you with parts for the 6105-800x series....the stem is easy to find...but do not cut corners on the crown...i found two very reasonable as the seller had no idea what they fit...expect to pay around 50 to 75 for the crown and the stem is very low cost....if u need any help...let me know...God Bless,John

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