Advice on how to clean brushed dial

Thread: Advice on how to clean brushed dial

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    Advice on how to clean brushed dial

    hi there to all professionals and hobbyists.
    I had a little smudge on my dial from its last service, it was a tiny smudge and I gave it to a reputable watch maker and the dial turned out worse with a greater smudge, he has used the watch makers Rodico and and a micro fibre cloth and the smudge increased.
    Please what can be done?
    all suggestions are welcome.
    Thanks guys.
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    Re: Advice on how to clean brushed dial

    Depends upon what was "smudged" on there to begin with...and the finish. Sometimes a weak solution of dishsoap and water works nicely. Sometimes a foam-tipped cleaning swab works perfectly. Sometimes nothing works period and every effort to clean simply reassures the need for refinishing...
    I doubt you will get an absolute answer via computer...this one will require physical examination...
    Regards, BG

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    Re: Advice on how to clean brushed dial

    Hello. Dial issues can be very difficult to resolve...some finishes are so fragile and thin, that any attempt to remove a blemish, results in more damage. In the case of your watch, someone with a bit of experience with such issues needs to examine the really is not possible to comment otherwise...

    BenchGuy speaks from experience: it will need to be seen on the bench...with a bit of Luck, tho, it might be doable...Good Luck! Michael.

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