Can I Build This? Or Should I Buy?

Thread: Can I Build This? Or Should I Buy?

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    Question Can I Build This? Or Should I Buy?


    I'd like to build a 36mm to 38mm diver for around $100 to $200 dollars. Is that possible? I'm not too familiar on how much it costs to build a watch, as it would be my first time. Does anyone have any advice on what parts to use? Also, is it better to just build this watch or buy an SKX013?


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    Re: Can I Build This? Or Should I Buy?

    miyota movement $50 case $60, hands $15,dial $15 ,strap $20
    tools,water resistant equipment and experience priceless.
    just buy the skx

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    Re: Can I Build This? Or Should I Buy?

    yea you can do it... sure And you will have bragging rites to say I made this... depending on how handy you are you could even do your own custom dial.

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    Re: Can I Build This? Or Should I Buy?

    The cheapest way would be to do it from scratch .... experience and tool shop required ( not on the bill)

    The steel is some Euro + sealed crown + crystal and gasket + Strap + movement + Hands some scrap pieces for a movement holder.

    For some ( at least for me) it makes a difference to build a watch ( after my own design ) or to assemble various parts to a whole thing....

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