Cases sources: The thread of threads.
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Thread: Cases sources: The thread of threads.

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    Cases sources: The thread of threads.

    pithy wished for this thread to be dedicated to those who ask similar questions - expecting different answers.

    Source for watch cases

    Case for Tourbillon Movement?

    34mm case??

    Where to get a case,dial & hands for an ETA 2824-1 movement

    Where can I get a chrono case to fit an ETA G10.211?

    Looking for case, plate and dials. Help is needed :)

    Sourcing a 1963 280 Cal. Longines case.

    Case Maker/Manufacturer In United States

    titanium dive case supplier?

    Case to fit ISA1198 (compatible with ETA2824)

    Case for Miyota 8215?

    Help to find a case and dial for AS1916 movenent

    Unitas case 42mm or less

    Watch cases for Miyota movements?!

    American wrist watch case manufactuer (contemporary, not historical)

    Starting a 6498 project - need opinion and case

    40/42mm bead blasted pilot style case?

    Trying to find a bargain case for a 37mm dial for a project...

    Watch case suppliers

    Where can I find a case for this movement!!! Please help

    Case sourcing for custom build

    Watch Case Suppliers with low MOQ

    Watch Cases

    Dress watch cases

    Looking for quality ETA 7750 case

    Case to fit 31mm dial?

    bronze or bronze plated cases

    Cases for mechanical chronographs

    Where can you buy cases?

    New thin cases?

    Looking for a spare watch case to fit Peseux 7001 10 1/2 ligne!

    Benrus Type 1 replacement cases


    Is there anywhere to buy a FF homage case?

    Quality case designers? Best distributors for selection?

    Need case for 921 movement

    Newbie in need of case supply

    Help Finding Tourby-Style Watch Cases!

    Looking for 2 vintage cases

    Looking for supplier for stainless steel cases

    I would like some help finding a pocket watch case for a 6497 movement and 36mm dial

    Where or who can make me only one diver case?

    Trick to searching for Watch Case Suppliers

    How Come It Is So Hard To Source A Case - Specifically Dive?

    Need a Tissot case

    Need a CASE & DIAL for an ETA 2824-2

    Sourcing a 42mm SS Case w/ Screw-down Crown

    Can i found case...

    Case (not necessarily Rolex) for Rolex Cellini movement

    Where to buy cases and dials?

    where to find a 6497 pocket watch case?

    need help looking for a 6497 case with a rotating bezel

    Blancpain FF case

    Who sells quartz watch cases?

    Subject: Premade case sets for project watches, single order

    Yellow Gold case for 6497/98 mvt? (need a source)

    Fitting/Sourcing Chrono Cases

    What cases can fit the Poljot 3133?

    Hamilton 917 Movement in a Wristwatch Case?

    Looking for watch case & dial for ETA 2892 movement

    Cases for 2892-2?

    Where to buy cases?

    Wrist watch case for pocket watch movement

    Source for WR Cases

    Case to fit manual Poljot movement?

    Other than eBay and Otto Frei, where can I find a case for a 2824?

    case to convert hamilton 917 to wristwatch

    Pocket watch case for a Unitas 6497?

    Where to get? 44-46 mm case for 6498 with a screw down case back

    Finding cases for 2824/2892

    Case,Dial and Hands for an Unitas 6497-1

    Questions on locating a case.

    diver cases

    where to find watch case fit hamilton 921 movement?

    Trying to find pam cases

    Looking for case sources

    cheap see thru watch case

    Pocket watch movt & dials in wristwatch cases?

    Source for PVD cases for Unitas 6497 or seagull 3600

    Looking For someone to CNC my watch case.

    2892-A2 case source?

    water resistant case

    watch cases that fit ETA 2836-2

    Sources for watch cases other tha ofrei

    Anyone know a good source for pilot dials & cases?

    Best place for American Pocketwatch cases?

    Case and movement source

    Looking for 6497 case. Is there such a thing as a Watch junkyard?

    Custom Watch Cases

    Watch Case

    High end wristwatch cases

    Wristwatch Cases for Pocket Watch Mvmts

    Marina Militare cases for 12s, 14s, and 16s mvmts.....?

    watch case

    Source for inexpensive watch cases

    Looking for a Case

    Replacement Omega case...

    Who Sells Cases?

    submariner/diver case assembly

    Watch cases?

    Watch case

    looking for a referral: someone to machine a custom case

    Watch-case maker wanted

    unitas watch case supplier?

    Looking for case for

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    Re: Cases sources: The thread of threads.

    This needs to be stickied. That way you can guarantee it won't get read before they ask the question! ;)

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    Re: Cases sources: The thread of threads.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tanguero View Post
    This needs to be stickied. That way you can guarantee it won't get read before they ask the question! ;)
    Only the forum moderator (or a Moderator At Large) can do that. I'll see what I can do.
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    Re: Cases sources: The thread of threads.

    Thread stickied.


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