Citizen superking upsidedown won,t work

Thread: Citizen superking upsidedown won,t work

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    Citizen superking upsidedown won,t work

    i just got a citizen superking problem is with this watch when it is upside down on my wrist it stop working but on upper part on my wrist it ok i open the watch and what i observe is that the balance wheel stops moving when i put the face of my watch towards the ground and when i straight it up towards my face the balance wheel starts and watch start moving, can anybody guess what wrong with it i,m attaching the picture of movement too.thanks.
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    Re: Citizen superking upsidedown won,t work

    Well your description tells us in that position there is a problem First place a watchmaker would look is the balance / escapement and if there is any fouling there - could be anything from the oscillating weight to a balance spring, balance staff pivots or with endshakes on a distant wheel. Only through an experienced and or very analytical eye towards evaluation of the problem will the true error be found. Start observing the balance and search for something rubbing or a disturbance. Look at the balance wheel oscillating in a good position and see if it is true - if not it could point you to the balance staff. Really there are a lot of causes but a trained eye would find it in reasonable time. Do not - leave out the option of finding a qualified watchmaker. If this is a "donor" watch it may be a good candidate to find out if you can figure it out Let us know how you make out.
    All the best, Henry

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