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Thread: Crime mystery in Norway. (watch enhusiast) help needed

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    Re: Crime mystery in Norway. (watch enhusiast) help needed

    The watch batteries are a dead end, IMO.

    Pretty much explained above. Watch needed batteries, watch repair person inscribed and installed suitable replacements, done.

    As far as the watch itself goes... many questions remain.

    Upon which wrist was it worn and found?

    Was there a tan line matching the watch on the woman?

    Other tan lines indicating daytime swimming or diving activities?

    Does the strap "memory" conform to match the woman? Or too big or too small?

    Is there a second hole n the strap with significant enough wear or use to show it was used over a wetsuit?

    Was the watch contaminated by the detectives?

    Was there any analysis work done on the watch besides the batteries?

    For ex - Salt or salt crust? Origin of salt. The Atlantic and Pacific are completely different tasting. Great Salt Lake in my locale was once freshwater but now so salty one can almost float on the surface albeit partially submerged. But no one in their right mind swims or dives in it.

    Other chemical traces found? Maybe only a shower diver. Still lots of questions to answer.

    And did the woman have callouses? On the palms, knuckles, knees, heels, elbows? Vital intel again, IMO. Says a lot about what one does.

    And yeah....plenty of unanswered Q's about the Browning, too.
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