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    Re: Escaping Bits Question

    Many many years ago. I was working on a Tudor day-day when a tiny spring sprung and went flying. It wasn't part of the original ETA movement, but a Rolex part, so I knew I needed to find it or pay Rolex to repair the watch.

    I found the part after an hour of searching the floor

    What I did was grab a section of Saran wrap and laid it over the top of the movement and my hands and worked through it. When the spring popped a second time. It hit the Saran wrap

    That was the only time I did this. Lot more careful now and only lost one small part since then.

    Get a large fridge magnet (and demagnetizer). Makes it easier to find metal parts


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    Re: Escaping Bits Question

    When adding clutch spring to nitro remote control clutches, these things a fidly, fling everywhere, but not that tiny..... I've often just used a normal clear freezer bag. Just work inside that. Generally clear enough. But not sure how well you'd see with a loupe through the bag.

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    Saran Wrap is a great idea. A demagnitizer has been on order now for several weeks (from China) and I've made a great pickup magnet with a thin strip of steel and a row of rare earth magnets. It works exceptionally well. I wasn't having much luck with small magnets. Lost bits always seem to find the gaps between the floorboards and a 6" long magnet is more efficient. I've also discovered it's much better to raise the magnet off the floor 1/16" or so with stick on plastic feet.

    Since I've started using all these ideas, I didn't have any trouble finding the screw that got away from me 2 days ago.?

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