First attempt at polishing & brushing
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Thread: First attempt at polishing & brushing

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    First attempt at polishing & brushing

    I recently picked up a Seiko SNK809, in pretty beat up condition, very cheap from eBay. I intend for this to be a practice watch, initially for modding, and then to service a 7S26 movement (which will be my first). I'll likely give it to my 13 year old son when it's complete, as it's a bit small for taste anyways.

    I've ordered a sapphire crystal and 24hr Hamilton-style dial, which are on their way. While I'm waiting for shipping from HK, I took to the case with a dremel + Titanlux, polished the whole thing, then selectively went over it with Scotch-brite. I wanted some aspects of it to be brushed, as polished cases and military dials just don't look right together, IMO.
    I'm quite pleased with the outcome, as it looked terrible before, and now looks a lot nicer.

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    I'm thinking I should find some finer Scotch-brite to get a smoother finish on the brushing, but I can't find it locally (Barcelona), and I'd hate to buy big packs of it in each grit and shipping for each ($$) from eBay.
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    Re: First attempt at polishing & brushing

    It looks ok. The finish does look more scratched than brushed, but I guess for a military style watch that is possibly a good thing(?). I've never tried using scotch-brite, I use Micro-mesh instead for things like this. I'm not sure how the price on ebay compares with scotch-brite, but it's good stuff so I would recommend a set of those instead.

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    Re: First attempt at polishing & brushing

    I like your results...the Brushed finish certainly goes well with the steel case, and you did a good job of keeping the job from being uneven. I think it is a good idea to experiment with different abrasive media...some you'll find to be too coarse, others, too fine. Well done. Michael.

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    Re: First attempt at polishing & brushing

    Good first try. You want to work on keeping the line of movement of the abrasive dead straight to avoid all the hooked scratches you can see on the side of the lugs. Slow and steady by hand is best.
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