Thread: How to make a watch case?

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    How to make a watch case?

    Iíve seen quite a few posts from people saying they are going to make their own watch case. That sounds very interesting to me. What are the steps involved in making a watch case? Would people making 1 case do it the same way as the manufacturers do it when they make 1000ís?
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    Re: How to make a watch case?

    Here is an interesting shot showing one way to make a case. It is a little wasteful in steel but it works

    The usual high volume method of case production is to punch out (or cold pressed) blanks from a steel bar. The blank would be very roughly case shaped so there is less material to remove to bring to its finished shape.

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    Re: How to make a watch case?

    I made one out of wax on my lathe and then cast it. Another I did in collaboration with another goldsmith and that was square and part of a "cuff" bracelet with a latching door covering the dial. Attached are some photos of a watch based on my clients concept . It measure 2 3/8" in diameter and must have weighed 5 oz of silver. The back opened with the little push button to reveal her family photos and an engraved family tree for seven generations. Unfortunately that photo failed to upload.
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    Re: How to make a watch case?

    My opinion is that for the case you showed - it would be lathed out of a bar and then milled even in a run of ~1000 pieces. For any lot bigger than this, they'd go with near-net blanks I imagine.
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