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Thread: learning about movements

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    learning about movements

    I often see that people comment how one movement is considered better than another. example: some say they don't like the Sellita movement.Are those that make these statements all people that work on these movements and find that they are not made as well as others or are they people that have read some type of review from a watchmaker that has his or her own opinion on the subject? Also where does one read on these subjects?Is there meaning behind how the different movements are numbered? Probably pretty basic questions but I needed to ask. Thanks
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    Re: learning about movements

    First, everyone knows that you can't post on the internet unless information is accurate and verified.
    Only watchmakers are allowed post information on movements...it must be accurate.
    Opinions are not allowed...this is in an effort to remove all subjectivity.

    Realty check: a reader should consider the source and supporting references for information garnered from any source. Of course, this is just my opinion...

    Good luck...BG

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