Problem with Citizen 8200A movement, please advise!

Thread: Problem with Citizen 8200A movement, please advise!

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    Problem with Citizen 8200A movement, please advise!

    I just finished putting back together an old Citizen 8200A movement which was stripped, cleaned & lubed.

    My problem lies on the fact that on position "B" of the crown (1st one out where you set the day and date) the day set works like a charm but the date (reverse) does not. It sounds like it gets stuck somewhere and it stops halfway before changing. With some effort I manage to set the date as well but it is far from ok.

    In case it matters the date changes effortlessly when advancing by the hour setting position.

    Unfortunately I did not test this function when I received the watch so I do not know if this problem already existed before I meddled with the movement.

    P.S. I made sure I advanced the time to 10 hours after the date change to avoid any problems.

    Any ideas? Thanks!

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    Re: Problem with Citizen 8200A movement, please advise!

    Avoid performing the calendar quick setting operation
    between the below listed times:
    For watches equipped with date display
    9:00 PM
    10:00 AM
    For watches equipped with both date and day display
    9:00 PM
    4:30 AM
    If the calendar quick setting operations is performed
    between these times the calendar could be incorrectly
    set to the date of the previous day.
    After setting watch hands during these times, set
    time, day and date accordingly.

    Are you adhering to this rule from the Citizen operation manual?

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