Four years ago, I bought my wife this eye-catching Alpha Day-Date with "diamond" bezel and mother-of-pearl dial with "diamond" markers. I'm not trying to kid anyone or myself—it cost less than $100 and I know the bling is just CZ and plastic—but I thought it was a good starter mechanical watch for my better half. She liked the watch, but she constantly nagged me to set the time for her and wind it if it had stopped. The watch stopped working some months afterward. I know enough about these affordable watches to realize that repairing the movement is pointless if not impossible. My wife simply does not seem to have the personality for maintaining a mechanical watch, anyway, and I know now that if I ever buy her a "fine" watch (e.g. $1000+), it will probably have a quartz movement.

Is it possible and pragmatic to replace the existing mechanical movement with a quartz movement? I suppose this is more easily said than done. For this question, lets assume that I don't care about the day and date complications so long as the wheels don't need to be removed. I'm willing to spend up to $150 since my wife actually enjoys the watch. This model is no longer made, so replacing it with an identical one is not possible.

If anyone wants to help me out or knows someone who might be willing to do this, please let me know. Thanks very much!

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