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    Question resources for self-teaching

    Are there any online or easily accessible resources available for self-teaching watchmaking? I would appreciate recommendations for books as well but at the moment I can't afford anything so I'd prefer some kind of free online resources.
    I just heard about the Richemont Watchmaking school in Texas, and that it's completely free to attend that school. I am very interested in watchmaking but I wish to make my career in another field so I that's why I'm just looking for self-teaching resources. If only I were rich and could live forever, then I could pursue all my interests to a great extent.

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    Re: resources for self-teaching

    Just learning myself; also small budget, so hello friend! How do you learn best? If through books, look up at the top of this forum at the sticky for a watchmakers library, and then see if you can get some of these at your public library. You can also download the excellent "TM 9-1575 War Department Technical Manual; Ordnance Maintenance; Wrist Watches, Pocket Watches, Stop Watches, and Clocks" as a PDF. Look at you-tube videos; I like those by "ratfaced got" and "bunnspecial" myself. The forum f10, "Russian Watches" has a lot of good info as many folk in Western Europe, USA, etc love these watches and then get into watchmaking, and post about their puzzles. One bit of advice, if I may: don't buy cheap tools, especially tweezers and screwdrivers. Best of luck! (-:
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    Re: resources for self-teaching

    Hi, thank you so much for the helpful info! I am probably not going to get into actually repairing real watches but I am mostly interested in watchmaking theory, the physics and math of it, gear ratios and different gear configurations and so forth. I would love to learn more about how all that works, and maybe try to design some watches.
    What are your goals and how has your experience with watchmaking been so far?
    I will check out all these resources you recommended me, again, thank you!

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