First, thanks so much to everyone who's put into the library; here I am in the USA and getting quite into Soviet watches, so I really want to dig in. At least to the point of being able to service and repair them. Am looking forward to "Practical Watch Repairing" by D. de Carle this evening on your recommendation; the first book in my watch library.
Next, in tooling up, I got some magnification, and examined at 25x a 50 year old painted dial which to the naked eye just looked grey and dirty, not so much around the numbers etc. What a horror show at high magnification! Lots of dirt (or some gray stuff anyway) and lots of paint that was just longing to fall off if I came close to touching the dial. Interesting. Scary; signature etc on dial far too small to repaint, so it's just going to be a dial with patina. Thanks again!!