Timex Electric Day/Date
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Thread: Timex Electric Day/Date

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    Timex Electric Day/Date

    A number of years ago my Dad passed away. He knew I liked watches so he gave me all of his old ones. He had a real nice one but it was his work watches that mean the most. He bought them when he didn't have a lot of money. He worked construction so he was hard on them. The one he wore the most was a Timex Electric. I've been teaching myself a little watch repair and can take some Seiko watches apart and service them. After scouring the internet for parts, and learning some new tools I was able to get my Dad's old Timex Electric working. It's the day/date model which is a nightmare to fix and set. It's now working and running perfectly. The movement has to lift out from the front and has a stem that takes 5 or 6 people to remove. The dial removal is four metal tabs that have to be bent back. If you're not careful all the day/date guts just fall out. Luckily I had the service manual and was careful when I flipped it over. It was the hardest watch I've fixed so far, that parts just seem to fall out with no place to go. Not sure I ever want to open another one.

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    Re: Timex Electric Day/Date

    Well done. Timex watches were never supposed to be serviced.

    Its important to keep watches in the family. I have a reasonable collection of varying quality which will end up being my sons, assuming i dont have to sell them all to pay for the old peoples home!


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    Re: Timex Electric Day/Date

    Great job. Accomplishment. There is nothing like the feeling when you restore a watch with sentimental value .
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