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    Re: Took a chance, we shall see


    Quote Originally Posted by cuevobat View Post
    ... when you stick your hand in it, and it feels really weird. ...
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    Re: Took a chance, we shall see

    Otto didn't have them; but I did a google search and found what you were talking about. I think this at least proves the theory I can use baby food jars or jam jars or something like that. I have some tea-ball strainers I bought to hold the parts. I guess its back to pocket watch movements to practice on again.

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    Re: Took a chance, we shall see

    So I am trying the jar in a ultrasonic cleaner method.

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    I find that watch cleaning fluid leaks out ever so slowly, maybe water leaks in, probably. So I drained enough water that its below the lid. I think I need a jar with a tighter fitting lid. Like a very small canning jar maybe? I'm going to have to go shopping at the grocery store and see what kind of special sauce I can buy.

    One thing is certain. It's really bubbling inside the jar, I know the ultrasonic action is making its way through. There is some sort of black junk and I can watch it dance like crazy inside the jar and see the action.

    PS: more updates, wear gloves. I washed my hands throughly I mean completely like 10 times, and then rubbed my eyes and now they are watering. You can't get that watch cleaner or rinser off your hands. Its like Jalapeño juice.
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    Re: Took a chance, we shall see

    Pyrex Griffin Glass Beaker, Low Form, Measuring, 400 mL

    This is what you wanna look for, I wouldn't keep a cap on it sealed. Maybe to keep liquid from jumping up and out but if you get the beaker tall enough over the water in the main tank you shouldn't have any issues with that.

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