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    Watch (quartz!) diagnostics!

    I've got this 16 year old Certina DS Spel quartz from way before my interest in watches picked up. It was the first watch I spend more than $50 on, and for some odd reason it has held a special place in my collection. But now it's starting to fail...

    If I untighten the screwdown-crown just a quarter, the watch stops. Another half round and it starts ticking again. A quarter more and it stops again. And so it goes a couple more times till the crown pops out and it stops (sometimes). Normally it would only stop if the crown is pulled out two more clicks.

    I'm well aware it probably isn't a good deal to get it fixed at a watchmaker (...), but it's nagging my curiosity...

    1) What might be the problem here?

    2) Can it be fixed at all?

    3) If yes, would it be worth a try to do it myself (as in: I only change batteries and straps once in a while)?

    It probably havent had a new seal for the last ten years or so (since I never use it in damp/wet conditions anyway.

    And YES... I know it's probably one of the best excuses to get a replacement - and I do plan to do that...

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    Re: Watch (quartz!) diagnostics!

    Unlikely a DYI issue at your level of experience...
    Servicing Rates | certina
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