What is the name of this part and where can I get it?
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Thread: What is the name of this part and where can I get it?

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    What is the name of this part and where can I get it?


    I need to replace these two screws which are in the center of a push button deployment clasp. Specifically, they are for a Movado Cerena 606625. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm assuming that they are a pretty standard-sized screw that I could order somewhere as a replacement part without having to get the watch serviced directly by Movado. I just need to know what exactly they are called and where I can get them, and I'm hoping you can help.
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    Thank you!

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    Re: What is the name of this part and where can I get it?


    Do you really need to change these ?
    You won't find any spare Movado screws for this one. If something is wrong on a clasp like this one, they do change the whole clasp assembly.

    If you really want to change the screws:
    - measure these, find some similar parts.
    - adjust or make new screws on a lathe.

    What's the thread size ? Then the head's height and diameter, and the total height --> these you'll be able to adjust.

    Apart from the standard NIHS thread nowadays, there's no "pretty standard-sized screw" in the watchmaking industry.

    Just a note: check if a 7750 rotor screw , or a 7750 calendar plate screw may fit.
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    Re: What is the name of this part and where can I get it?

    Hello! I suggest that you simply take your Movado to a good watchmaker, and ask that they search through their selection of ( generic!) screws, and find two that will fit...this should be very easy, and really should not cost much, at all...it's a quick thing to do. and screws ( with rather rare exceptions...!), are inexpensive. I certainly would never consider sending / taking this watch to a Movado Service Center for this type of work...any decent independent can do it, at a very reasonable cost! An easy fix. Michael.
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