Tissot PRC200 vs. Victorinox Chrono Classic?

Thread: Tissot PRC200 vs. Victorinox Chrono Classic?

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    Tissot PRC200 vs. Victorinox Chrono Classic?

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    I have been doing some lurking into this topic but haven't really found a direct comparison between these two watches. Obviously this forum seems to be partial to the Tissot PRC200. Did anyone consider the Victorinox Chrono Classic instead of the Tissot PRC200? They seem to be quite similar? I was looking at the blue dial color for both watch models. Opinions are appreciated. This is my first quality watch purchase!

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    Re: Tissot PRC200 vs. Victorinox Chrono Classic?

    When I was recently looking for a another day to day watch I briefly looked into the Victorinox, but it just didn't give me that 'yep' feeling straight away. In fact I did think it looked a little too much like my Tag Carrera chrono auto.

    For me the PRC200 (black dial & leather strap) looked a little different, solid & has a realy good feel & presence

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    Re: Tissot PRC200 vs. Victorinox Chrono Classic?

    A couple more opinions can be found in this thread:

    PRC200 vs Siwssarmy infantary chrono

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