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That is too bad, as there seem to be a lot of cool ideas, watches and many other things, that are coming available due to a funding/marketing tool like Kickstarter.

They got all these tools nowadays for helping Kickstarter projects, tracking progress, helping with pledge fulfillment, etc. Wouldn't it be cool if there was a kind of Kickstarter insurance a project creator could apply for, and if they cannot deliver on their pledges within a certain time (say, double the expected time) then the Kickstarter backers would get their money back. That would cost the project creator up front, of course, but it would make it easier to bring in backers that might be otherwise scared off due to the potential for a scam.

In conjunction with that would be a service that certifies the people behind the project, like a bonding service, that checks actual IDs, and confirms that the person behind the project is who he/she says they are, that they live where they say they do, etc. Like you need to do to qualify for a credit card, bank loan, buy a house, etc.. Then the project creator could put a badge on their project page that certifies their identity and location. It would be a nice thing to see as a backer, as hopefully the project creator would be less likely to "take the money and run!"

Hmm, seems to me both these services should already be offered by Kickstarter. Business opportunity for someone!!!
The idea behind Kickstarter is an excellent one. (One of my keychain danglers, "The Clip" from Little Bonsai was featured on Kickstarter and got its start thanks to supporters willing to take a chance on it.) Unfortunately, the execution of that idea has been piss-poor by those who run it. Yes, a fantastic opportunity for the right someone. Someone who has the know-how to run the idea, the very same idea behind Kickstarter, properly. Unfortunately, it has happened often and will continue to do so.... Excellent ideas ruined by piss-poor execution by those implementing the ideas. ("The Clip" was ruined due to piss poor execution of the marketing used to promote it. While marketed as a do-everything tool, it excels ONLY as a keychain dangler and a bottle-opener. There was only one run of it. Little Bonsai then discontinued it. I was fortunate to find a First Production run in NIB condition from a kind-hearted individual who bought two when they first came out, and only used one.) Until those running Kickstarter make some radical and necessary changes, I'm not going to take a chance on anything featured on their site again.