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Thread: Which GS would you buy today and why?

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    Re: Which GS would you buy today and why?

    Picked up the SLA017 and SBGW253 this year, so definitely those.
    Both excellent executions of first watches in their prospective product lines, homaging the 62Mas and GS 3180.
    The vintage piece are among my favorite watches, so I picked up the modern executions as companion pieces.

    SBGW251/252 are amazing though, and I really wish I could swing one of them. Thought hard about the 251.

    After those, the hi-beat LE GS diver SBGH257.

    Not a fan of the new Snowflake.
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    Re: Which GS would you buy today and why?

    Quote Originally Posted by sonyman99 View Post
    It's high intensity titanium according to the specs on the site.

    Grand Seiko SBGE215
    Oh cool,thought that they did those only in steel.

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    Re: Which GS would you buy today and why?

    Quote Originally Posted by sonyman99 View Post
    I very recently bought a Seiko SARX033 and also a Seiko Quartz Solar Diver. I love them both and I'm really enjoying them. One day I know I will buy a GS and right now I am enjoying looking at them and deciding which one I would buy if it was now.

    Very interestingly I narrowed it down to two which turned out to be really the GS version of what i recently bought.

    Either 1. the SBGA211. The new Snowflake. Spring Drive, high intensity titanium, Sapphire back and front and the lovely dial.

    Attachment 12149698

    Or 2. the SBGE215. What a Diver this looks. Spring Drive, high intensity titanium, GMT dual time, the colouring and the detail look sublime.

    Attachment 12149754

    I think I would have to buy both

    Which of the current range would you buy?
    I just can't get one board with the design of the new spring dive models. the "spring drive" text looks like it's in no man's land. Get an old snowflake with the SEIKO branding. Just seems so much more balanced than the new version.
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    Re: Which GS would you buy today and why?

    SBGH257 also looks nice and special

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    Re: Which GS would you buy today and why?

    Sadly I have to admit that nothing in the CURRENT basic catalogue really pulls at me that much at this time. I still love GS and what it presents, but I'm just waiting for them to once again come out with something that really pulls me in. Certainly not opposed to getting something with the new logo placement, in fact I'd like to at some point. But as of now, none of the lineup is quite that attractive to me. It doesn't "help" that I'm already satisfied with two wonderful Spring Drive and Hi-Beat watches in my collection... But with GS we never know what gem another year may bring!

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    Re: Which GS would you buy today and why?

    I've had two GS's, one the SBGR083 LE which was my favorite, however, it moved on and finding another clean example has proven tough to do.

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    I purchased the SBGH001 last year and it went to fund something else (unfortunately, that didn't transpire), and lo and behold, I've another one arriving tomorrow. I'm a sucker for blue second hands and the HB movement, which IMO, is the one to get if acquiring a GS. Yes, the Spring Drive is unique, however, being a pure mechanical, the HB does it for me.

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    Re: Which GS would you buy today and why?

    I'm currently looking for a reasonably priced sbgv019. As soon as I find one I'm going to buy it. I see several available but asking a bit too high prices.

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    Re: Which GS would you buy today and why?

    I would love a SBGH035. Special hi-beat with +4/-2 accuracy, gold lion emblem on the rotor, uniquely textured dial, and blued seconds hand. Amazing.

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    Re: Which GS would you buy today and why?

    How about hypotheticals? A HAQ with day and date in a 40 or 41mm case. I've been happy with my small collection the last two years (Snowflake, Speedy, Seamaster, Alpinist), but a nice, accurate, versatile grab-in-go with all the essential information has been on my mind. The 37mm cased ones are just too small and the right sized ones don't have the day.
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    Re: Which GS would you buy today and why?

    Quote Originally Posted by reggie747 View Post
    SBGJ001 for me I think...I mean just look at it...

    Attachment 12158082
    Attachment 12158090
    +1 on the SBGJ001 - it trumps the Snowflake 'cos the dial has two things going on, radial lines, and waves along those lines. The Snowflake dial is much more one-dimensional.
    Plus, the case is the edgiest of all the GSs.
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