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    eBay Watches: Jaragar & Parnis Automatic Power Reserve

    Jaragar & Parnis Automatic Power Reserve:

    New Toys

    I purchased both watches on eBay:

    The Jaragar Deluxe Watch White Mechanical Automatic 6 Hands; from a seller called widgetland for $31 shipping in.

    The Parnis Toubillon Automatic Power Reserve Luxury Watch; from a seller called linglingwatches for $75 shipping in.

    They both arrived form HK between 20 and 30 days from purchase. With the Jaragar arriving quickest.

    Tracking numbers were dodgy and i couldn't get them to work anywhere, eventually i found this site that work for both watches, just pick the track direct option. http://www.track-trace.com/post

    The Jaragar.

    I should preface this with i know nothing about Chinese Mechanical Watches, or Mechanical watches in general.

    The Jaragar was by far the weaker of the two watches, it has a nice dial and generally good looks. The watch came moving out of the package and the button on the top right set the date and the button on the bottom right does god knows what. It advances the left dial which ranges from 1 to 8???

    The movement doesn't move as smoothly as the Parnis and the reserve doesn't last nearly as long. I wore both on my left arm on different days and the Parnis was dead accurate in the morning with 75% reserve still left, the Jaragar doesn't have a reserve meter but it doesn't matter it was dead and needed to be wound or shaken in the morning.

    The wheel that spins around doesn't move nearly as freely as the Parnis and i worry about its ability to charge the watch.

    Another issue is the build quality; you will notice in the picture the bubbly un-smooth appearance of the casing, its really not in the same class as the Parnis.

    Something else to notice the movement is held in the case by white plastic, you don't see it unless inspecting the watch, but the Parnis movement is mounted directly to the case as with the Jaragar sits in a white plastic sleeve. (Sorry for the bad picture but i highlighted the plastic.

    On to the Parnis:

    Yes the self winding movement is loud as people have said. But i don't notice it that much on my wrist.

    All of the gauges work as expected and over a three day period it was only a few seconds off my computer time.

    I didn't know this right away, but the button on the left of the case advances the date.

    I much prefer the brushed and shiny casing of the Parnis, it shows less fingerprints and in general look a lot more sophisticated.

    As you can see the movement is mounted directly into the case and there is no visible plastic. Much better build quality then the Jaragar. Also the self winder moves a lot more free then the Jaragar.

    The glass opening is also a lot larger on the Parnis.

    Here are two shots on the wrist:

    The Straps & I need some Help:
    I want to put new straps on both the watches, the Parnis strap is better then the Jaragar but both are sub par compared to the strap on my Citizen Eco.

    I want to go either all black leather or all black with tiny white stitching on the Parnis and i would like to go dark brown with white stitching on the Jaragar.

    Can you please recommend a brand and place to get the straps, i would ideally like to spend $25 on each strap. And if you think i should go with a totally different style strap then I have suggested, i would love the feedback.

    This link shows the black and brown i was thinking about??

    The Video:
    Here is a quick, crappy video i shot of the movement and how the Jaragar doesn't move as well as the Parnis.

    Lastly thanks for the great community, this is my first post and only bought a Paris because of the Chinese Watches i'm Wearing Thread.


    HighRes Photos: http://imgur.com/a/9PMhs

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    Re: eBay Watches: Jaragar & Parnis Automatic Power Reserve

    If you like the Parnis and are looking to get more, try this site:

    Parnis Marina Militare watch

    I have this one and another one coming in soon. If you sign up with them the prices are much less that listed. I got this one for $73 including shipping. I really like mine, but the strap is a bit cheesy.

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    Re: eBay Watches: Jaragar & Parnis Automatic Power Reserve

    Thanks for the nifty review. One sees a lot of the Jaragar or Winner watches on eBay and I often wonder about the quality. Some vendors call the movements "semi-automatic" because they have very little power reserve. A few months ago, I bought a "Goer" on eBay and its performance is very similar. The rotor is too light to wind it it sufficiently. Mine keeps good time after I regulated it and after I oiled the rotor, it moved a bit more freely. However, after wearing it all day, it still only ran 8 hours more after I took it off. For $16, I'm not complaining and at that price, I have little trepidation to open it up and fiddle around. Another chinese watch I bought on eBay is called an "Ouyawei". It is six handed. I paid $25 including S/H. This watch also keeps good time and the power reserve is around 30 hours. It only takes a few hours of wear to wind it fully, thus it is a true automatic. The winding mechanism is much smoother sounding than the Goer and the Ouyawei even has a hacking mechanism. On the down side, the case finish was uneven and their was a small blemish on the face. My take home is that buying these cheap chinese automatic watches is a bit of a crap shoot. You can get a decent deal or can get a pile of junk.

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    I got that exact Parnis Power Reserve Automatic Tourbillon due to this review and love it! for $75 shipped you can't beat it as a daily casual!
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    Re: eBay Watches: Jaragar & Parnis Automatic Power Reserve

    I've had this watch for about 5 months now, and it's been very good, one thing i noticed though was that the 1 seems to be a little bent and not straight, I read on another review someone complained about this, is this the case for yours too? It is a very minor thing and when i say bent it is only very slightly but I guess at this price point you cannot complain
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    Re: eBay Watches: Jaragar & Parnis Automatic Power Reserve

    Quick Update:

    Haven't had time to get new straps yet.

    The Parnis is running great, always works flawless. (Il-Re: The number one looks ok maybe tiny bit crooked, cant really tell)

    The Jarager has a great white face but it is always dead when i put it on in the AM and requires a quick wind before the perpetual picks up. After a quick wind it works fine all day but by the end of 14 hour day its about 5 minutes fast.

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    Re: eBay Watches: Jaragar & Parnis Automatic Power Reserve

    From what I can tell, that Jaragar dial on the left actually runs from 1-7, to indicate days of the week (I think typical convention is that 1 = Sunday through 7 = Saturday, but since they're numbers and not days I suppose you could assign whatever number order to the days of the week you want).

    The thing about the Jaragar (I have that one and the black-dialed version which looks a lot classier, IMO) and other watches using the same automatic (from what I can tell it's a mid-grade to low-grade Chinese Standard movement with the rotor assembly added on) movement is that they tend not to auto-wind, perhaps because of the light weight of the rotor itself, as someone mentioned earlier. It's best to just consider them to be mechanical movements with extra parts (I removed the autowinding assembly on my Jaragar with the white face) or to change out the rotor to something more substantive.
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    Re: eBay Watches: Jaragar & Parnis Automatic Power Reserve

    I have been snatching up quite a few Chinese-made E-Bay watches.

    The first is a Winner styled after the U-Boat Thousands of Feet and has nearly 0 power reserve, maybe an hour or two. When it does stop, the seconds hand is always in the same position and takes quite a bit of coaxing to get it moving again. Otherwise, I really like the looks of the watch. It keeps the date and has a sub-dial for seconds.

    The second is a Winner Aquaracer, and I cannot find a Tag that looks similar, but the Winner is also a beautiful watch. It has a better power reserve, maybe around 8 to 10 hours. When it stops it just needs a little movement to get it going again. It keeps the date and has a sub-dial for seconds.

    The third is an Ouyawei. This watch really impressed me, although I don't know anything about watches either. It still has not stopped, which makes me think the power reserve is pretty good. All three of the sub-dials work well, day of week, date, and moon. The band is rubber. It looks OK, but it's a lot more comfortable than any of the other bands on these watches and should last a whole lot longer too.

    The fourth is a Fizele skeleton watch. It also has a power reserve of 8 to 19 hours, but just keeps time. No date, no sub-dials.

    I have a few more on the way. A Goer skeleton for my wife, two Zeigers, and another Winner. So far though, my recommendation would be to get an Ouyawei. It seems to be a fairly well-built watch for the money.

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    Re: eBay Watches: Jaragar & Parnis Automatic Power Reserve

    Thank you for the review. The dial of the Jaragar looks really good, but the case and especially the movement is terrible. Not surprised of the bad performance. The huge rotor of the Parnis alone brings much more confidence. I don't know why they call it Tourbillon, I think it is a standard balance wheel escapement, just looks like open-heart tourbillons.

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