Oris Artelier Skeleton Watch Review and Comparison

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    Oris Artelier Skeleton Watch Review and Comparison

    I love skeleton watches and had seen some good to mixed reviews on the Oris Artelier. Amazon had them on sale for $899 with free returns so I thought I would order one and get my own impression of the watch/brand. A lot of skeleton watches seem to have a lot of bridgework and decorative plating that actually hides the movement so I was excited to see this watch as it seemed to really show the entire movement. First the packaging:Name:  IMG_5969.jpg
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Size:  87.3 KB This watch retails for $2900 and I would say the packaging reflects the price point. It is very well done and has a drawer like bottom with a very nice manual which slides in and out. So for packaging I would give it an 8.

    Now the case/movement:
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    The watch is very light which makes sense as there is no unnecessary bridgework and no dial just a true, translucent, case with a sapphire crystal. It is also not a large watch at 40mm and at first I thought it felt kind of cheap but I was comparing it to the heft of some of my other skeleton watches like my Armand Nicolet LS8 which is pretty heavy but it is also 43mm and has a lot of bridgework and a big dial. It took some getting used to but the weight and feel actually grew on me and I began to appreciate just how truly transparent the watch is. The movement is as SW-200 (I think) and has had some slight decoration added to it which is really only visible up very close or with a loupe.

    The Band/Clasp:
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    I would say the weakest point of this watch is the band and clasp. The leather band looks and feels cheap and does not IMHO have a fit/finish of a $2900 watch. Earlier I reviewed a RW Parsifal which I paid $200 less for and the band/clasp on that watch is far superior to this one. The clasp works fine but doesn't have a solid feel and the push buttons do not work well and require several attempts to get them to release.

    As far as timekeeping I would give it a 9. I have had it for about a week and have kept it wound and changed the positioning (face up, down, sideways) and it has kept near perfect time and the wind has lasted longer than I would have expected. I forgot to wind it for about 1.5 days and it was running fine and keeping perfect time.

    Overall I am on the fence about this watch and cant decide if I will keep it or not. As far as a pure skeleton it definitely fits the bill and if you want a watch where u can really view all the inner workings you will probably enjoy this watch. Although if that is your goal you can probably accomplish it with a watch for 1/4 of the price like a Seagull or Stuhrling. I actually have a couple of Stuhrling's I bought really cheap just for that purpose and I would say the bands on those are far nicer. For comparison here is a shot of the Oris vs my Armand Nicolet:
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    Yes the AN has a retail of 13k but the steel version can be had for mid $2k which is the retail price of the Oris. Yes, the Oris has more visibility of the movement but in my opinion there is no comparison to the quality of the fit/finish. So it boils down to budget, if you only have $900 to spend and want a decent skeleton watch you may enjoy the Oris. My advice would be to save your money and try and find an AN or Maurice Lacroix (or similarly priced brand) for an extra $1-2k.

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    Re: Oris Artelier Skeleton Watch Review and Comparison

    The Oris looks so much like the old-school Roamer!
    Nice brand, anyway. I have their diver.

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    Re: Oris Artelier Skeleton Watch Review and Comparison

    Greta watch and review! Thanks

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