Reactor Titan and my story behind it...
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Thread: Reactor Titan and my story behind it...

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    Reactor Titan and my story behind it...

    It's been a few years since I have done a review. I only feel the need to give an opinion or review on the watch only when there is not much about it on any forums or youtube. In this case it is a newer model from Reactor called the Titan.
    Now before anybody starts judging me because I'm reviewing a Reactor watch, let me say that I have been a watch enthusiast for many years now and have owned anything from fan favorite seikos all the way to my most expensive watch which was a Breitling seawolf blacksteel.
    Now you ask...after all these automatics, why a quartz now? Well the quick answer is that I took a job back out in the field as an HVAC mechanic. For the last 5 years or so, I was a project coordinator for a property management company, basically a desk diver answering emails and checking up on contractors. I didn't need a "tough" watch.
    Now when I say I need a "tough" watch, it really does need to be tough. Just because you can mow your lawn or wash your car with your watch, does not mean that it will meet my expectations. Spend a week with a commercial HVAC/Mechanical guy and you will be asking yourself...why even wear a watch? Heh..Naturally, when one thinks of tough durable watches, only one comes to mind. A few months back, I got me a sweet little $450 ABC g shock, but it just felt cheap. Don't get me wrong, I grew up with g shocks in high school, and have a soft spot for them, but you can not beat around the bush.....a $500 ABC g shock with all the bells and whistles still feels and wears like the $50 walmart g shocks. So yeah...that's a little background on moved on to the reactor titan.
    I was lucky enough to see this watch in person at a few stores here in town before purchasing, as well as the rest of the reactor line up. I'm gonna add that I'm no stranger to the brand. One of the cons of buying a Reactor is that you will pay msrp, and that steers most watch guys away. Most forum members are quick to think that they can get a heck of a lot more watch from a seiko diver, or an independent botique brand such as Helson. Reactor tends to the relegated to the junk bin here in the forums. Im not gonna go back and forth on that subject, but I will say that i dont mind spending the asking price for them, and that is from experience. Think of them like yeti coolers, because they never go on sale and are only sold at specialty shops..for the most part. I can't say never, because I got my last 2 probably 75% off just because a major department store was not going to sell them anymore. That was years ago though, and it was a very rare circumstance.
    The Titan measures...Let's say 46mm just to be safe. About 14mm thick. It comes in a few options, but I think black was the neatest of the bunch. I'm no tactical guy, and actually think most tactical watches are kind of cheesy. I honestly can't describe what look the black version gives off. It's kind of like if a Breitling and g shock mated...haha. not really, but you get the point.
    The case of the watch is what most polymer guns are made out of. Reactor has a fancy word for it, but's freaking plastic no matter how you word it. What gives this watch some heft, is that it has a stainless steel core. That was one of the selling points for me. It actually has just enough weight to make it feel like I'm wearing a proper watch, and not some cracker jack prize watch. No offense to you g shock..I still love u hehe. I'm not gonna give the full specs on weight here, I'm just gonna give you my opinion. Think of a 40-42mm average sized stainless watch without a stainless bracelet. Maybe leather or rubber. That should be a ballpark figure on the weight of this watch. Not bad for 46mm watch. Like I said though, it provides just enough weight to appreciate wearing it.
    The bezel...hmmmmm..I can't figure what it's made out of. The one review I have seen on it says it's stainless. I have banged around and don't have stainless showing through yet. It may just be stainless though. It has the feel of the clasp. At first, I thought the clasp was black plastic, but "stainless steel" is written on the underside. I'm gonna go with my instincts and say that the bezel is true stainless and not polymer. It does not specify on reactor's website. The bezels clicks are great, if not a little tight in some spots, but I'd take that any day over a crappy loose bezel(I'm talking about a seiko BFK that was recently sold to a friend). Absolutely no play. It has a nice bright lumed pip. Lines up perfectly at the at the 12.
    This watch has a cool looking but useless internal rotating timing bezel. Reactor states ..."internal bezel for precise timing." Not so, it's so fidgety to get it on the mark you want then screw the crown back down. Thankfully, it has a screw down crown, so I just keep it locked and use it as a normal chapter ring. I won't dock any points from that, because I guess it may have some use, but it blends in with the watch when it used as a normal chapter ring.
    The dial is really neat. Thankfully it has a blacked out reactor logo (which I find kind of juvenile when the reactor logo is chromed out like most of their models). You can't see it, only in certain angles, but you have to look for it. The best of the watch is the contrast. The hour markers and numbers are huge and in a cool green. It definately has a tool look to it.
    The crystal....oh the crystal. The crystal is mineral. Leave it up to reactor to have some fancy smancy name for it. I think it's k1 hardened mineral glass infused with ceramic or some gibberish like that. Basically, it's mineral. For $500 I would have loved to see a thick sapphire glass in there. Reactor states that sapphire glass shatters. Well, I've had some big divers with really thick sapphire glass that I have dropped and banged and came out unscathed. I did chip one, one time, but it never shattered. I deduct a point on this one. They did a good job on the clarity of the crystal, but I would have loved to see it be in sapphire.
    The strap is stupendous. It is 24mm wide. They call it a gryphon strap. This is probably one the best non bracelet straps that I have had on any watch. Well actually, Oris rubber is tops in my book. It has a cool ballistic nylon weave, but is backed and surrounded by rubber. Reactor states that it is a mix of natural rubber and silicone. I'm digging it, not only does it look sharp but you can't stink it up because your wrist sweat won't ever penetrate the nylon.
    The lume is by far tops. It is true superluminova as stated by reactor. It is on par with a seiko diver, but this watch has a trick up its sleeve...It has tritium tubes on the dial as well as the rotating chapter ring. They are orange tubes placed at the 3,6,9 and 12 markers. The 12 hour marker on the chapter ring is done in blue. This is one of the best looking watches in the dark. It functions as my bedtime clock. Yes I know, we live and die by our cell phones now, but waking up in the middle of the night and checking the time on your phone is down right blinding to dark adjusted eyes. This is a perfect bedside clock. Just prop it up on the nightstand.
    Well there you have it. It's definately not a watch for everyone. You have to like wearing oversized watches for this one. I know many people on the forums will turn their noses up at reactor, but when they are done right, they are good buys even with full msrp. I give this watch 2 thumbs up.

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    Re: Reactor Titan and my story behind it...

    Tritium Rocks!

    Thanks for the review, thats a big chunk of text though.
    Might be more readable if you broke it into sections, Dial, movement, strap, etc

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    Re: Reactor Titan and my story behind it...

    I have 2 of the Reactor gamma titanium never dark watches and they are awesome watches lume is amazing great company too with great customer service.

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    Re: Reactor Titan and my story behind it...

    Sorry, not an attractive watch.

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