Review of the Evisu Hiro 7003-01 Chronograph w/ pics

Thread: Review of the Evisu Hiro 7003-01 Chronograph w/ pics

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    Review of the Evisu Hiro 7003-01 Chronograph w/ pics

    Saw this watch on Ebay and thought I’d buy it. Initially I thought that it was an automatic movement (the seller described it as an auto), but when I got it in the mail I was disappointed to learn that it was in fact, a quartz. No matter, this was my first purchase of a chronograph type watch and I was soon pleasantly surprised how well made it was and how the company really paid attention to some minor details.

    Evisu is originally a Japanese vintage-style jeans manufacturer. Normally I wouldn’t have bought a fashion watch like this, but as I mentioned, I thought I was getting it for a song as it was about $230 USD…and I thought it was an auto chronograph!!!
    Evisu calls their watch line “Evisuisse” a portmanteau of Evisu and Swiss/Suisse, based on the fact that their watches are marketed as “Swiss Made”. Now we all know about the issues surrounding the right to have “Swiss Made” printed on the watch, so I won’t go into detail here.

    The Hiro is chronograph with a quartz movement. Not sure exactly what type of movement it is, due to the lack of information from the net, but corrections are welcome. Here are some specs:

    44mm diameter case
    Quartz movement
    All stainless steel case
    Mineral crystal
    Small date at 4 o’clock
    100m water resistance

    Not really much to say about it, just a pretty ordinary affordable watch. Fit and finish is quite good, lume is acceptable (long lasting but not incredibly bright), and the dial is easy to read. Case is pretty standard, with its mixture of brushed and polished steel. Signed buckles and crown with Evisu logo engraving on the caseback. Nothing special, really. The chronograph seconds line up with each minute mark well and operation is nothing out of the ordinary.

    What I like about it is in the finer details. On closer inspection, Evisu has really nailed the quality of the straps and spring bars. Let me explain.

    The watch is supplied with an excellent quality-for-the-price leather band with deployant buckle. A secondary NATO style strap with a funky camo underside is also provided. I really enjoyed how both the straps looked and well they were made. However the spring bars are what I like most about this watch. The tonfa shaped (or police baton) spring bars are so easy to remove and install, it makes changing straps on the fly actually on the fly. To remove, just tug the “handle” and hey presto, the bars pop right out. They made it really easy and simple. I’ve never seen a watch in my entire life (please help me with this one guys) with spring bars like this. I’m sure there are lots out there, but this is the first time I’ve ever encountered one. Such a minor detail brought me so much satisfaction in using this watch.

    It also came with a really nice red, plastic box. Yeah plastic, but its really well made and suits the theme of the watch, not too serious and just for fun sort of thing.

    All in all, the Evisu Hiro is MOSTLY a fashion watch, although it has some features that I personally think are very innovative (quick remove spring bars!!!) and it presents itself as a semi-serious "Swiss" watch. This is the type of watch that be suited for a lot of young people who are tight on a budget and want something fashionable, yet functional, at a very affordable price.

    That’s all I wanted to say about this watch, hope you guys enjoyed the review,

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    Re: Review of the Evisu Hiro 7003-01 Chronograph w/ pics

    Congrats on your first fashion chrono~Cheers!

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