SNA765 or SNA765P or SNA765P1
AKA Black Polka Dot
Price: Low $200s online (average), $475 retail stores

This watch is gunmetal in color with a distinctive black polka dot dial and red chronograph and alarm hands. The band and crown gives a nod to the swoopy, tank-like watches from Oakley (Blade or Judge, specifically) but adds a crispness with the finer increments around the dial (1/5 second). The gunmetal finish adds to the rugged appeal.

Movement is typical Seiko quartz, very accurate with a satisfying, not obnoctious, tick. Chronograph capable of 1/5 second timing.

Mineral Crystal

Bracelet and clasp can be described as supple. No snags on my arm hair whatsover. The finish on the metal made the bracelet slides like silk. After working at a metal desk, the clasp began to show wear on the plating.

Chronograph and tachymeter function was very nice. One thing I noticed, in comparison to a friend's older Seiko, when resetting the stopwatch the SNA765 does NOT make the beeping noise as the second hand resets to top dead center. Alarm function works well once you get the hang of setting it. Also, the alarm hands follow the regular hands if you so choose.

Overall, a great Seiko entry-level timepiece. I was very satisfied with wearing it. It matches dark clothing well with its understated features and smooth design. The SNA765 is a divergence from the norm of oversized, protruding dials.

Only recommendation would be to make the illuminating dials last a little longer. I don't have an exact length of time they would last, but it wasn't impressive.

Forgive the stock image, my SNA765 was stolen from my checked bag (lesson learned). I'm considering purchasing a replacement.