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    Exclamation Watch Collection No.4 -> Seiko ‘Orange Monster’ SKX781K (Full Review) : bergkamp10

    This is a review on my Watch Collecton No.4:

    Seiko 200m Diver SKX781K

    Watch Specifications

    Brand: Seiko
    Model No.:
    Date of Purchase:
    January 2011
    Box, Instruction Menu, 1 Year Warranty
    Movement Type:
    Display type:
    Water Resistant:
    47mm with crown (42mm without crown)
    Case thickness:
    Strap Width:

    Pre-Purchase Evaluation

    Beautiful orange dial that symbolize Netherlands soccer jersey
    Aggressive looking dial and bezel
    Powerful lume
    ISO 6425 diver watch
    Affordable price for such a high quality timepiece
    Made by Seiko Japan, a reliable & reputable watch-maker
    Powered by Seiko reliable 7s26 21 jewel automatic movement

    Picture Gallery

    Post-Purchase Evaluation

    Orange! Such a
    invigorating color that bring back my memory of :

    Dennis Bergkamp Netherlands Argentina 2-1 1/4 Finals World Cup 1998 Dutch commentary - YouTube

    An out of this
    world goal scored by Dennis Bergkamp is his Netherlands playing time. At the peak of their success in the 1970s, Netherlands soccer team is famous for their mastery of total football and hence, nicknamed Clockwork Orange (Oranje or Netherlands) for their precision passing.

    ‘Clockwork Orange’ (Clock work = The mechanism of a clock, Orange = National Color of Netherlands)

    A helluva nick
    that symbolize the much talk about, Seiko ‘Orange Monster’. Being one of the lucky few to own this ‘Dennis Bergkamp’ Netherlands 1998 World Cup Jersey, I figure out that I need to have the Seiko ‘Orange Monster’ to fully justify Netherlands iconic name ‘ Clockwork Orange’.

    However, I was
    struggling to overcome my psychological resilience in having a Seiko watch. I have never owned a Seiko watch before and I have always dislike the ‘Seiko’. Fault is on their mass marketing efforts that has cemented such a unusual thinking on a watch enthusiastic. I dislike the fact that whenever I walk in any watch shop, I could find ‘Seiko’ watch occupying the biggest section in their display with the most number of watches and the most number of new models compared to other brands. I have the naive thinking that the popularity of their watch is based on their marketing efforts rather then their quality.

    Fascinated by this
    orange monster as it would be a perfect match for my Netherlands ‘Dennis Bergkamp’ jersey, I started doing research on this specific watch. I received many positive feedback on this watch and after much consideration, I decided to break this barrier of mine and gamble on my first Seiko watch, the ‘Orange Monster’.


    ‘Orange monster’, a
    magnificent orange dial timepiece as though was made for Netherlands soccer team. It was a timepiece that has gain much fame due to it’s unique color and a quality build that cost more than it does. I was very impressed by the bezel marking that is engraved onto the bezel unlike most diver watch where the marking is printed onto the bezel. Rotation of the bezel was smooth with a touch of class. Additionally, The handsome-looking dial marking portrait a ‘Shark Tooth’ look alike, an aggressive looking design which add to the toughness look you would want to see in a dive watch. The lume is so powerful that it glow brightly under moderate ambient light. It has the best lume I ever encountered in a watch and I have even tried comparing the lume to a ‘Rolex Submariner’ whose luminousness is no way near the powerful ‘Orange Monster’ lume. One interesting finding was, when the hour hand and second hand of the watch lines up, it will form a very cool looking ‘Rocket’ shape.

    How could I
    have abandon this wonderful Japan Watchmaker ‘Seiko’ in my watch collection all this while. For such an affordable price, I could easily give this watch a 10/10 in terms of look & quality. This watch is definitely a keeper and if you are a ‘Clockwork Orange’ Netherlands soccer fans, please do not hesitate, run down to the nearest Seiko Authorized Dealer store and grab one before it’s discontinued. Wearing my ‘Dennis Bergkamp’ Netherlands jersey with the ‘Orange Monster’ sitting on my wrist, I typed this review. Need i say more?

    For more pictures:
    Review: Seiko ‘Orange Monster’ SKX781K « bergkamp10watchsite
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    Re: Watch Collection No.4 -> Seiko ‘Orange Monster’ SKX781K (Full Review) : bergkamp10

    Waking up an old post. Im an argentina fan And i have a Seiko Divers "Pepsi". I too had similar reservations for seiko but they do make a whole range of watches with impressive built quality and the much discussed "in-house" movements. I also own 2 vintage Grand Seikos, a watch from an era with a lot of interesting history too!
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