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    Exclamation Watch Collection No.8 -> Alba ‘Blue Manta” AL4005X (Full Review): bergkamp10

    This is a review on my Watch Collection No.8:

    Alba ‘Blue Manta’ AL4005X

    Watch Specification

    Brand: Alba
    Model No.: AL4005X
    Origin: Japan
    Date of Purchase: Feb 2011
    Package: Watch, Box
    Movement Type: Automatic
    Display type: Analog
    Water Resistant: 200m
    Diameter: 48mm with crown (43mm without crown)
    Case thickness: 14mm
    Strap Width: 22mm

    Pre-Purchase Evaluation

    1. Beautiful ‘Manta Ray’ Dial
    2. Made by Alba Japan, a co-brand of the reputable Seiko Group
    3. ISO 6425 Diver watch
    4. Affordable Price
    5. Powered by Seiko reliable 7s26 21 jewel automatic movement

    Picture Gallery

    Post-Purchase Evaluation

    ‘Alba’ a name that most people tend to associate to the famous 70's Swedish pop group, 'ABBA' including me. I can vividly remember ‘Dancing Queen’ a smashing hit song for the group as it is my girlfriend’s mother favourite song. A 'ABBA' song that is as mesmerizing as a watch we are going to talk about today, Alba ‘Blue Manta’ AL4005X watch from Japan which both name sounds almost alike.

    Have always wondered why they chose this name??

    The name Alba is read ‘Aruba’ in Japanese, which originally meant ”White”.

    My guess is, Alba chose this name as it describe the direction they are heading which is to produce timepiece that is as ‘Pure’ as the color ‘White’, with ‘Pure’ representing a pure/clear indication of time in terms of accuracy. As known, Alba is a sub-brand of Seiko and is established on 1979. Compare to Seiko watches, Alba are least expensive and are targeted at a lower market segment in the hope of creating a long-term loyalty to the Seiko group.

    They are always iconic watch that represent any watch brand. We have ‘Orange Monster’ for the Seiko, ‘Mako’ for the Orient, ‘Monaco’ for the Tag Heuer, ‘Moon watch’ for the Omega, ‘Submariner’ for the Rolex. Alba?? This brings us to the Alba ‘Blue Manta’ that truly represent an iconic watch for them, a one of its kind!


    Measuring at 48mm with crown, Alba ‘Blue Manta’ is a watch that sits big and weight heavy, much heavier than my Seiko ‘Orange Monster’ although both are using the standard 7s26 caliber. It is a 200m ISO 6425 Diver watch with a smooth rotating bezel, lumed second hands, screw-down crown, which is what one would expect from a diver watch.

    But what was so impressive about this diver watch is, you need not be a true diver to experience the beauty of the living creatures in the deep ocean, the dial of this watch tells it all. Absolutely gorgeous looking Manta Ray dial! A dial that shows a flock of manta ray swimming towards the 11th hour marker direction, forming a 3D-like effect.

    Manta ray is the largest members of the ray family and they are closely related to shark under the family class of ’Elasmobranchii’ which include sharks, ray and skates.

    Since sharks and ray are closely related, looking closely at the design of the dial, it now makes sense that why the hour markers of this specific watch was designed in the way that it actually resemble a shark’s teeth. With the amazing looking manta ray as the background on the dial, it was a perfect combination!

    Alba ‘Blue Manta’ truly deserve to represent the iconic watch for the underrated brand- Alba. A masterpiece that showcased the beauty of the ocean world.

    For more pictures: Review: Alba ‘Blue Manta” AL4005X « bergkamp10watchsite
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