My meeting with Michael from GAVOX Watches
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Thread: My meeting with Michael from GAVOX Watches

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    Picture My meeting with Michael from GAVOX Watches

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    Watches of Excellence for Unique People

    It was some time last week when I heard about Gavox watches. I noticed their link on a website of one of their retailers and decided to click on it. That's where I read about this invitation to discover their Curtiss P-40.

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    Coincidence was that I was in the neighborhood on Saturday December the 15th, because of my brother's 50th birthday. He lives only 10 minutes away from the Gavox location. When I told the owner, Michael Happé, about this, he kindly invited not only me, but also my family I was traveling with.

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    Gavox is located in Rosières, close to Genval where the launch of the new watch collection was being held. Genval turns out to be a very nice and surprisingly beautiful village close to Brussels, Belgium. The lake is stunning. Michael's family owns a boat house at the lake. The event was at the boat house.

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    The boat house by night

    When we entered the boat house, Michael was talking to some customers, showing his watch collection:

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    As you will notice, Gavox watches are desired by young and old. Here's one on the young boy's wrist:

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    He was so proud of his new watch, he asked me if I would take a picture of it

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    That orange nato strap is pretty cool

    A nice overview of some of the Gavox watch collection with the lake in the background. The wooden packaging of the Gavox watches is nicely done.

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    After Michael's mother answered a few questions about Gavox and Michael's connection to Techné watches (he is a partner), Michael had the time to sit with us and tell us some more about Gavox.

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    Being an engineer in agriculture (!), Michael started to put his educational background in his love for watches. and aviation. His grandfather once was one of the "Flying Tigers", famous for the teeth, painted on the front of their airplanes.
    GAVOX is a novel brand of high-performance timepieces designed and manufactured for professionals. As an engineer and pilot, the founder decided to create utilitarian watches that could be used by professionals on the field and reflect his passion for technology, astronomy and space exploration.
    Michael's family still owns this painting which holds all signatures from the pilots. Unfortunately the signature of his grandfather is not on it. He died before he could set his signature, which is of course a shame.

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    Here's another picture of the airplane (source GAVOX)

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    You may call Gavox a family run business in a way that Michael's family members are passionate about his business and brand too. I already mentioned his mother who answered a couple of questions for us, and on the right of the picture below it is Michael's son who is closely watching his father's activity. what more could a father wish for?

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    Passionately Michael showed us his new project. A watch that will have a movement by Soprod, and will be launched in 6 months time.
    My company is 18 months old but i have been developing watches for over two years. My last project will be a world's first: besides local time, it will display time in countries that are outside of standard time zones and are either off-standard by 15 to 30 minutes. More than 20% of the world population lives in one of those countries.
    Michael showed us this flash impression on his iPad, which can also be found on his website:

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    Feel free to play with it. Push the crown to start the various functions: world time, moon phase, day, date, chronograph, count down, seconds, etcetera. You'll be amazed as much as I was when playing around. The most impressive part perhaps is the way Michael succeeds to keep the dial clean and readable, keeping a great design, and yet have this many functions.

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    This new model will be produced in Switzerland, but will have parts from all over the world: China, Japan, Thailand. You may call this a world wide watch with a beating Swiss heart.

    Needless to say I was impressed by what I saw, and by what Michael showed us and demonstrated. Eager to follow the brand and find out what's next.

    Thanks to Michael and his family for the warm welcome, the drinks, and for taking the time to tell us about their passion, about Gavox.

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