Anybody know about Diantus?

Thread: Anybody know about Diantus?

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    Anybody know about Diantus?

    Apparently "Swiss Made", and there's a Diantus facility in the Swatch Group. It looks like they might have, at one time, produced inexpensive watches under the Diantus name?

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    Re: Anybody know about Diantus?

    Via Angelo Maspoli 2
    Zona Industriale 1

    Tel. : 0041-91 / 640 05 00
    Fax : 0041-91 / 640 05 98

    Still working and registered at the swiss chamber of commerce. Here´s one of their former products.
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    Re: Anybody know about Diantus?

    Thanks -- yes, ETA has them on their web site as a production facility. I'm betting that they were originally a small swiss watch company that was then purchased by ETA / Swatch, and now produces movements for the other brands.

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    Re: Anybody know about Diantus?

    I have two vintage 70's Diantus both are cheap manual wind pin lever movements. Both run fine when sitting on the table or in the watch case, but they quit within an hour when worn. So they are basically ...umm CRAP!

    Sitting in my parts bin right now, here is a picture:

    Later, Gary

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    Re: Anybody know about Diantus?

    I have got one that my grandfather gave me, I recently had it serviced it ticks like big Ben, and has a surprisingly great timekeeping ability.
    I also got another one that need repairing but I will get it fixed as it looks cool seconds hand has a bright red sweep movement and its got a deep blue dial.

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