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Thread: Dood....u spend $899 on a TV brand!!! What the foochermooker!!

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    Re: Dood....u spend $899 on a TV brand!!! What the foochermooker!!

    Quote Originally Posted by ckot View Post
    Even at wholesale, you couldn't get a solid bracelet with that clasp, 200m stainless chrono case and sapphire for anywere near $50. And when you talk about mark-ups/profit margins, you are paying a lot more for a famous brand that does sponsorships and advertising.
    Well, I think you're being a little overly-literal in using my $50 estimate as an exact reference. The point being, it would be possible to build this watch to the same quality you'll find in a Parnis knockoff, but put a nice movement in it, and then charge "high end" prices for it since no one will be the wiser. You might be surprised what kind of features, including those nice clasps and sapphire crystals, show up in some of the Chinese stuff out there. $100 retail for just about the whole thing with a non chrono asian clone automatic isn't totally impossible.

    I don't think a discussion about markup where established high end brands are concerned is a cogent argument. The reason being that their lines of production and reputation have long since proven their products to be of at least acceptable quality. There is very little cause for concern about a Seamaster's construction, for example, regardless of how much markup there is or where it was made. It's a Seamaster and everybody is familiar with it. Dealing with a brand like SWI on the other hand, who don't really benefit from the transparency that comes from having a established product line, you can't be certain what's going on.

    Some Swiss markup and profit margin is just the reality of buying a watch. I'd only be concerned with getting something that is actually worth the $900 I paid. That's not chump change, so the construction and materials in the watch need to be of at least a certain level of quality above watches costing much less.

    To me, if it has a quality movement and construction, it all comes down to the design you love at the budget you can afford. I like the metallic brown dial and it looks like a great watch.
    Right, and that's the issue. It has a quality movement, this we know. The question the company using the quality movement as a free pass to the "high end" market and doing the rest of the watch at a budget hoping no one will notice or care? Or are the materials and assembly of the watch on par with the movement that's in it and this is just a great deal because SWI doesn't charge the brand markup that Omega does ? This is the part I'm not sure about, and it could be either.
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    Re: Dood....u spend $899 on a TV brand!!! What the foochermooker!!

    There certainly is evidence to suggest that these limited edition pieces and pieces with V7750 and other highly sought after ETA automatic calibres which are releassed by SWI, Invicta, and other companies are most likely produced by consignment or production partners.

    So, lets say Invicta has a design or sees a design that is produced by a 2nd tier Swiss producer such as Armand Nicolet. They strike up a conversation and reach terms on costs for production, design, and components. When the manufacturer has available time or down time from normal production they just ramp up for the SWI, Invicta, or other brand and start production. A very common practice thru the years in Swiss watchmaking. Little Ateliers specializing in particular facets of watch making and working on projects for multiple manufacturers.

    Very possible your SWI was produced by a company such as Armand Nicolet (not to be confused with Croton Nicolet), Leonard, Edox, or a host of other Swiss manufactures.

    There was an Invicta or S. Coifman that was released 2-3 years ago and someone pulled up an exact duplicate of the watch which was produced by a smallish swiss manufacurer with the label of the manufacture on the dial. I forget the name but along the lines of what I wrote about above.
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    Re: Dood....u spend $899 on a TV brand!!! What the foochermooker!!

    SWI definitely has the ability to produce a decent watch worth the higher price tag, but I have not been pleased with their CS in the past. I have a Swiss Legend Neptune (produced by the SWI group) and it's a solid watch, but a 16-week turnaround time to change a crystal was ridiculous. Maybe that fancy warranty card entitles you to faster service and English-speaking representatives. If that's the case, you likely have few worries.

    That's certainly a nice looking watch, I can't say I would spend 900 dollars on it, but I refuse to pay more than 500 for a watch.
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    Re: Dood....u spend $899 on a TV brand!!! What the foochermooker!!

    I bought an $800 discontinued dress watch off eBay last year. It was from the mid 90s so its like 32mm but its 18k with an ETA 2892. I tried showing it off on here but got a similar on the fence reaction.

    I wore it the day my daughter was born, jotted down a note, and its been in the safe ever since.

    That said, I wouldn't sell it now for 3x the price I paid.

    Enjoy your watch man.

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    Thumbs Up Re: Dood....u spend $899 on a TV brand!!! What the foochermooker!!

    Quote Originally Posted by SSingh1975 View Post

    Very nice watch !

    It doesn't look like what we see everywhere…

    Reasonably priced for a 7750 ; nice bracelet ; gorgeous dial… what's not to like ?

    Congratulations SSingh

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