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Infantry military watch (chinese)

Thread: Infantry military watch (chinese)

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  1. Serban said:

    Picture Infantry military watch (chinese)

    I bought this quartz chinese Infantry watch a few weeks ago from ebay (ebay brand) it just arrived at my local post office. It seems to be working fine. At 15.99$ it's a steal. Hopefully it will last a few months till it brakes . Anyway, I think it's a nice looking watch. What do you think? (It still has it's screen protector on, that's why it looks odd)
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  2. mrtoren's Avatar

    mrtoren said:

    Re: Infantry military watch (chinese)

    I would have scraped a few more bucks together for something not so disposable, but to each their own.
  3. whatmeworry's Avatar

    whatmeworry said:
    Hi Serban and welcome to WUS. That looks pretty cool for the money, the colour on the dial works well and the brand name and dial logo gives it a GI Joe flavour I quite like.
    What's the bracelet like?

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  4. corn cob kid's Avatar

    corn cob kid said:

    Re: Infantry military watch (chinese)

    I saw these on ebay last night and was wondering about them myself. Thanks for sharing, nice looking watch for the money from what I see.
    The Kid.

    (ok, so I'm not that young but try to live like I am...)
  5. Oilers Fan's Avatar

    Oilers Fan said:

    Re: Infantry military watch (chinese)

    I own one Infantry watch with a rubber strap. I think it is a good watch for the $20 I spent on it. I recently bought an Infiltrator by Infantry that I was NOT happy with. I think I had it for 10 days. It was the quickest I have ever flipped a watch. I would probably buy another Infantry, but no more Infiltrators. Nice pick up by the way. Enjoy it!
  6. IanC's Avatar

    IanC said:

    Re: Infantry military watch (chinese)

    I think it would look much better on a strap.
  7. Serban said:

    Re: Infantry military watch (chinese)

    What's the bracelet like?
    The bracelet is ok. What I don't like about it is that it can't be adjusted by shortening it. It has a safety catch, which helps prevent the strap from opening by mistake.
  8. skywatch's Avatar

    skywatch said:

    Re: Infantry military watch (chinese)

    Hard to criticize it for the money you paid. Looks pretty cool, actually. As for the bracelet, I had planned to write something about the options to replace it with an inexpensive strap, but then I noticed the strange lug indents, and it occurs to me that a strap change could be challenging. I suppose a nibbling tool could solve the indentation. Not the end of the world, worth trying if the bracelet doesn't fit. Enjoy the new toy!
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  9. Bwfaco said:

    Re: Infantry military watch (chinese)

    I like it. Do you know what type of movement it has? If it had something like a cheap Miyota in it I would love it.
  10. Serban said:

    Re: Infantry military watch (chinese)

    skywatch - The bracelet is ok for my wrist maybe a tiny bit too large, but it's wearable.

    Bwfaco - sorry, i don't know what movement it has. It's a quartz watch, the advertising says it's japanese, but I'm not so sure about that.

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