+++The Official Orient Mako Club!+++
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Thread: +++The Official Orient Mako Club!+++

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    +++The Official Orient Mako Club!+++

    C'mon, folks. It's an affordable classic. I call it the best automatic watch $100 can buy. You love it. I love it. It's a leading contender for most recommended watch on the WUS Affordables Sub-Forum. It's the Orient Mako.

    So, post 'em up. Let's see your Makos!

    My first was a Pepsi:

    One Black:

    Also, a Yellow:

    And finally the Black Mako that's here to stay :

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    Re: +++The Official Orient Mako Club!+++

    Can I join?

    My beautiful black Mako was so good-looking that a classmate at the medical institute decided to steal it while it was off my wrist. I will be ordering a new one soon, along with a replacement Zulu strap as well.
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    Re: +++The Official Orient Mako Club!+++

    I've had my Blue Mako for a year..love it only wish it was 43-45mm
    Name:  WATCH 207.JPG
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Size:  409.5 KBName:  WATCH 003.JPG
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    Re: +++The Official Orient Mako Club!+++

    me too... please...please...

    When I look at this watch I stumble about the price, it looks so good.
    I know that some other WUS friends have had problems with O-USA, and that bums me out because I place this watch up with my favorites, that cost much more. I would not have known about the Mako if not for WUS. Here's my different straps, same watch:

    Original rubber:
    Name:  MakoWrSm.jpg
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Size:  109.0 KB

    Pam-like thick leather:
    Name:  makowrpam.jpg
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Size:  109.2 KB

    IW Zulu:
    Name:  MakoZulu3.jpg
Views: 45303
Size:  123.3 KB

    Currently on IW leather:
    Name:  MakoIW3.jpg
Views: 49120
Size:  138.9 KB
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    Re: +++The Official Orient Mako Club!+++

    I've been wearing my blue Mako for the last few days. Fantastic watch!
    It was my second automatic watch purchased just after I had to send back my Alpha sub for warranty service.
    Name:  Orient Wrist-closer.JPG
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    Re: +++The Official Orient Mako Club!+++

    Only the blue for me, but I have had it for quite some time:

    My Mako has always been a go to watch in regular rotation, and it has stayed while many much more expensive Swiss and Japanese watches have been sold for others to enjoy.
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    Re: +++The Official Orient Mako Club!+++

    You guys are making it real hard for me! I really should bump up the mako to the top of my list to grab, it just seems like such a great deal! Nice makos guys!

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    Re: +++The Official Orient Mako Club!+++

    Here's my blue.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Re: +++The Official Orient Mako Club!+++

    My Blue Beauty:

    It's mighty hard to beat the Mako in the "bang for the buck" category.
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    Re: +++The Official Orient Mako Club!+++

    here's my blue mako
    looks like, im having the one with the most scratches on the bezel atm
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