UZI watches, any good??

Thread: UZI watches, any good??

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    UZI watches, any good??

    I am thinking of getting an UZI watch. They have a 200 meter dive watch in Stainless Steel with a steel bracelet for $127!! It has tritium GTLS system and I think it looks like a nice watch.

    Anyone ever own one of the newer models with 15 tritium vials? How is the lume?

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    Re: UZI watches, any good??

    I have the this watch as a beater watch for work, works great. Not sure about the one you are looking at.

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    Re: UZI watches, any good??

    I've been looking at these also. They seem like a good deal for the money. It's been a toss up between one of these and a Smith and Wesson. Curious to see what people say.
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    Re: UZI watches, any good??

    Which model are you looking at?

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    Re: UZI watches, any good??

    I just sold mine to a friend because of the purchase of my TSAR. The UZI is a great buy for the $. They are well made and have good lume, I had both models and sold both to friends who are very happy with them. The metal bracelet model has all markers and hands with tritium whereas the other has only tritium on hands and 12, 3, 6 and 9 as I remember. Both are Good Buys.
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    Re: UZI watches, any good??

    They are similar to the Smith and Wesson and and the quality if great. I have both. I like the Smith and wesson a bit better.

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