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Swatch Gents Scuba Libre Blanca Watch

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Swatch has given the Scuba Libre collection the tagline “mad about the sea”. Which makes this summery collection perfect for seaside obsessed Brits and anyone with an interest in the ocean. The Blanca features the usual Swatch analogue movement behind a silver dial with black hour markers and a date display. The strap is made from solid white silicone and comes with a buckle clasp and is water resistant to a depth of 200 metres making it handy when skin diving. £57.00

Hugo Boss Orange Gents Ho300 Watch

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German design house Hugo Boss has created this classic gents H0300 watch. Despite appearing as part of the Boss orange line the H0300 doesn’t have a lick of orange paint any where on the watch. Its monochrome simplicity makes this the perfect watch for day or night, with a black leather strap and a contrasting black and silver watch case. The dial features the Hugo Boss Orange logo etched into the right hand side as well as black hour markers. It also comes with a quartz analogue movement and a buckle clasp. £99.00

Citizen Ladies Axiom Watch

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Every fashion season designers go on the hunt for the new black, but as we all know black is one of those colours that can’t be beaten. It goes with any colour in the spectrum making this Citizen Ladies Axiom watch perfect for any wardrobe. Combined with the company's ingenious Eco Drive technology, this is a watch that will last for many years. It features a round black steel case and black steel bracelet with date function at 3 o'clock on the black dial. It is splash proof to a depth of 30 metres. £159.00

Vivienne Westwood Ladies Watch

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The latest watch collection from London based designer Vivienne Westwood includes the ladies watch VV082RSGY. This horseshoe watch combines Westwood’s offbeat sense of style with contemporary minimalism. The rose gold dial is powered by a quartz analogue movement inside a rose gold tone steel case. The strap is made from high quality silver leather and features a buckle clasp. What sets this apart from previous Westwood watches is the horseshoe style buckle which connects the watch case to the strap. This is not just a watch, it's a statement piece for any fashion lover. £225.00

Scuderia Ferrari Gents Textures of Racing Chronograph Watch

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If you are a petrol head then the chances are at one time or another you’ve dreamed about owning a Ferrari. However while their cars are financially off limits to pretty much everyone but footballers, the rich and Jeremy Clarkson, this new Ferrari watch collection isn’t. The Textures of Racing Chronograph 0830025 features an eye catching black and yellow rubber strap with a black tone steel case. The black dial also features the iconic Ferrari prancing horse logo inspired by Italian World War one flying ace Francesco Baracca. The watch is powered by a quartz analogue movement and is water resistant to a depth of up to 50 metres. £250.00

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