What would you buy? Bulova versus Citizen

Thread: What would you buy? Bulova versus Citizen

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    What would you buy? Bulova versus Citizen

    So I am in the market for a dress watch in the $200-$300 range. I have been looking over various offering and through various posts that lead me in many directions. (not specifically related to this watch but DID lead me to the $200-$300 range)

    I have narrowed it down to the Bulova Precisionist Claremont (brown) 95B128 or the Citizen Chronograph model CA0011-06E.

    Which would you put your money down for and why? I cant find any reason to choose one over the other and I am honestly leaning toward the Citizen.

    Thank you
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    Re: What would you buy? Bulova versus Citizen

    Personally.... I would look for a nice Seiko superior SRP dress watch, they are in that price range as well...

    but between the two, I would probably go for the Bulova, it looks nice and has an interesting movement, also, that Citizen is a nice watch, but not a suitable dress watch

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    Re: What would you buy? Bulova versus Citizen

    Both watches would be fine choices in my opinion in terms of quality. I personally would go with the Citizen because the eco-drive technology means that you'll never have the hassle of battery replacements.
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    Re: What would you buy? Bulova versus Citizen

    Other than the style differences, your choice is simple Eco-Drive, or the new quartz technology.....which do you want? I think both are ok quality wise.... as with all this PLEASE post pictures or hardly anyone will answer this.
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