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    Re: Didun design

    Definitely not my cup of tea but unique nonetheless.

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    Re: Didun design

    I grabbed one of the ROO Chronos to check it out. It has a Hattori VD32 quartz movement inside. The "chrono" buttons, while functional, don't operate an actual chronograph. They only help to adjust the 24hr function (takes place of the second hand from the real ROO) that this quartz movement has. I was hoping for an actual chrono, but I can't say I'm mad there isn't one.
    I am disappointed that the adjustable bezel doesn't actually work. The crown for it is fixed in place. Taking the watch apart I can see that the bezel has the gearing to be able to make it work. They just didn't include that complication on this case. Dive bezel if fixed in place. They probably reserved this for the actual reps that no doubt come out of the same factory.

    Dial is marked "Didun Design". But somehow I got "lucky" with a strap that is marked with the AP name. LOL. The rest I've seen online have straps that say "Didun". This is how I'm pretty certain that these come from the same place that make the higher quality reps.

    I have to say, all things considered, I am really happy with this watch. I knew it was quartz. But I loved the design and I bought it because I wanted to make a project out of retro fitting a mechanical movement into it. Towards that end, I couldn't be happier. The quality of this case is second to none. I could spend over $200 on a simple blank, from Germany no less, and not get this level of quality in a case. So from that perspective, I bought myself one helluva case and got a nice dial, hands, strap, and an extra quartz movement for free.
    And, based off of this one, I'll be getting one of the standard RO pictured here as well.
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