Full collection post (fairly many pictures)
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Thread: Full collection post (fairly many pictures)

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    Full collection post (fairly many pictures)

    I noticed that I did not have pictures of all of my Chinese watches. They were collected from Taobao and the Beijing flea markets when I lived in Beijing a few years ago. Big thanks to Soviet, Ron and Saskwatch for helping out with tips and info when I started out (all mistakes and fakes in the collection are my own ).

    Pics are thumbnails and description is in the picture name. Caseback pics usually belong to the next watch. I hope to add more info to this post (Edit: I have added links to my individual posts about most of these watches at the end. Links are in alphabetical order so they should match the pics, ore or less.) but just search the forum and you will usually find a Saskwatch or a Soviet post with all you need to know.

    Martback VCM collection - Watch 6 - Baoshihua Quartz
    Martback VCM Collection 15, 16, 17 and 18 - Bunch of Beifang
    Martback VCM Collection 30 and 31 Beijing BS2
    Martback VCM Collection 35 and 36 DongFeng
    Martback VCM Collection 26 and 27 Gong Nong and Qing Dao
    Martback VCM collection - Watch 10 - Guangzhou
    Martback VCM Collection 19 and 20 - Hai Shi
    Martback VCM collection - Watch 1 - 581 Heping (not)
    Martback VCM Collection 49, 50 and 51 Hong Qi and Hong Qi Peacock
    Martback VCM collection - Watch 3 - Hongqi Rocket
    Martback VCM Collection 52 and 53 Huang He and Zhong Shan Phoenix
    Martback VCM Collection 47 and 48 Jin Mao and Jin Ji
    Martback VCM Collection 45 and 46 Meihualu Christmas
    Martback VCM collection 24 Meihualu Pocketwatch
    Martback VCM collection 24 Meihualu Pocketwatch
    Martback VCM (K) Collection 28 Moranbong
    Martback VCM Collection 43 Shanghai Railway Jubilee
    Martback VCM Collection 37 and 38 Shanghai 581
    Martback VCM Collection 39 Shanghai 623a
    Martback VCM Collection 40 Shanghai 1020
    Martback VCM Collection 32 and 33 Shanghai 7621
    Martback VCM Collection 41 and 42 Shanghai 7120 Coppertone
    Martback VCM Collection 11, 12 and 13 - Colorful Shanghai
    Martback VCM Collection 23 - Taishan
    Martback VCM Collection 29 Tiane
    Martback VCM collection - Watch 5 - Xiang Yang Transistor
    Martback VCM Collection 34 Xiang Shan
    Martback VCM Collection 44 Yan'an
    Martback VCM collection - Watch 4 - Zhongshan Swirl
    Martback VCM collection - Watch 7, 8 and 9 - Xiongmao, Zhongshan Panda and Baihua Panda
    Martback VCM Collection 25 Zuan Shi Stopwatch
    Martback VCM Collection 21 and 22 - Clocks

    - martin
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    Re: Full collection post (fairly many pictures)

    Wow mate !!
    Some beauties there. Many congrats, and thanks for posting. Cheers.

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    Re: Full collection post (fairly many pictures)

    I second that wow. Some great pieces there

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    Re: Full collection post (fairly many pictures)

    My word, that's the ultimate cat walk post.


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    Re: Full collection post (fairly many pictures)

    Martin, it's wonderful to see this, and thanks to you for showing me some favourite sellers and hunting spots when we were both in Beijing.
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    Re: Full collection post (fairly many pictures)

    It looks like you have some variety there! Congrats on a fine collection!
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