Help with tourbillon repair
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Thread: Help with tourbillon repair

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    Help with tourbillon repair

    I'm sorry if this is in the wrong forum but my question relates a need for a recommendation for a repair of my Francois Rotier tourbillon. I am in Atlanta but can ship of course. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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    Re: Help with tourbillon repair

    I would be shocked if any watch repair will touch it. Send it back to the manufacturer, is it under warranty?

    Most independents I know will not touch a Chinese watch. They don't have the parts or desire to work on them. On top of this it's a Chinese tourbillion, good luck finding someone to fix it.

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    Re: Help with tourbillon repair

    I've met three local watchmakers who were keen for the opportunity to service a Chinese tourbillon. Unfortunately two of them have retired and the other has died. On the other hand, I've encountered watch repairers who won't touch anything that is not Swiss, and others who steadfastly refuse to look at something that they've never seen before. As for the most popular franchise in this town; they'd be wondering where you install the battery.

    All you can do is get out the local phone book and make some calls. Focus on watch repairers, not jewellers. The jewellers will simply pass the work on to a watch repairer and then charge a handling fee. Pay particular attention to those establishments that have no street frontage (e.g. located not on the ground floor). Most of them will say "can't get parts" or "it's disposable" or "Chinese is not worth fixing", but you might get lucky. And if you do, it will change your life.
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    Thanks for the advice. I honestly don't know if it is Chinese or other. I believe a German company bought the rights and now put their name on it. I contacted them and they said it is difficult and expensive to get thru customs both ways. I guess I'll keep looking online. Any suggestions welcome.

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