Nanjing Zhongshan textured dials
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Thread: Nanjing Zhongshan textured dials

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    Nanjing Zhongshan textured dials

    I have finally found some time to upload pics of some of my Zhongshan watches. This brand has to be one of the best VCMs when it comes to textured dials. Enjoy. T.

    And off course all these watches are powered by the seemingly indestructrable tractor called SN2.


    Name:  Nanjing #1.jpg
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    Name:  Nanjing #2.jpg
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    Name:  Nanjing #3.jpg
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    Name:  Nanjing #4.jpg
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    Name:  Nanjing #5.jpg
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    Name:  Nanjing #7.jpg
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    Name:  Nanjing #8.jpg
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    Name:  Nanjing #9.jpg
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    Name:  Nanjing #10.jpg
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    Name:  Nanjing #11.jpg
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    Name:  Nanjing #12.jpg
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    Name:  Nanjing #14.jpg
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    Name:  Nanjing #15.jpg
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    Name:  Nanjing #16.jpg
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    Name:  Nanjing #17.jpg
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    Re: Nanjing Zhongshan textured dials

    Great collection. I really like the swirl pattern on the dial of #14. I've always liked the look that the red bead on the second hand gives these simple dress watches as well.

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    Re: Nanjing Zhongshan textured dials

    Wow! That was totally awesome!

    Here's a little friend saying hello to all your Zhongshans:
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    Re: Nanjing Zhongshan textured dials

    Very nice textured dials, but there's something about them that makes them look...well...really old. Probably the vintage style markers and hands.

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    Re: Nanjing Zhongshan textured dials

    Wonderful post!! Yes, it's a stunning and very entertaining collection of some of the finest Zhongshan textured dials but, as you noted, these also all contain the elegantly simple and very effective SN-2 movement with it's surprising accuracy and power-reserve. And the cool Zhongshan casebacks. Here's a few variations...

    Name:  zhong_shan_2_back.jpg
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    Name:  six_pandas_caseback.jpg
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    Name:  zhong_shan_1_back.jpg
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    Re: Nanjing Zhongshan textured dials

    A stunning collection!

    I like that even the many different dial designs can have variations. For example, we've seen a few 8 deer dials here at WUS, and so far they are all different.

    Thanks for posting the pictures.
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    Re: Nanjing Zhongshan textured dials

    Wow! Wow! Wow! That is an exemplary collection!

    I was going to collect all these wonderful watches but it looks like you grabbed them all ;)

    I may still try.

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    Re: Nanjing Zhongshan textured dials

    Quote Originally Posted by Pawl_Buster View Post
    Wow! Wow! Wow! That is an exemplary collection!
    +1 Stunning

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    Re: Nanjing Zhongshan textured dials

    Very nice indeed.

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    Re: Nanjing Zhongshan textured dials

    Just bumping this thread. It's too nice to be lost in the sands of time, and deserves a look from newer members like me. I might be a foolish romantic, but I'm beguiled by these small gentle artworks and the people around them in Mao-era China (unless it was a bunch of self-entitled elites). Pity there's no pics of open cases to show the SN-2 movement mentioned in the thread.

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