Polling your interest for the f72 2017 project !
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Thread: Polling your interest for the f72 2017 project !

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    Polling your interest for the f72 2017 project !

    Dear all,

    This is the announcement of a new F72 project watch: a vintage field/military watch (or as plan B a vintage diver).
    Registrations will open soon and we would already like to get a feel for your interest, hence this post in the discussion area.

    Of interest also, to ensure we meet the MOQ for the watch case (for this project we do not piggyback on an existing case) there will be a separate / parallel project in F71 (Affordables subforum) with the same case though with a vintage dive watch theme.

    Characteristics: for the field-ish watch, we actually have 2 styles in mind, we will need to choose.

    1 a watch inspired by the rare Shanghai officer's watch, with some collaborative finetuning. It sure is an interesting and characterful design to start with. Not my own picture:

    2. The British company West End made watches that were popular from East to West. They even have a "silk road" model as it was popular from deep in china to the west. This particular sample for inspiration is an interesting vintage militarish design that could be the basis for a unique project watch, and the silk road concept (perhaps illustrated on the back engraving?) links China to the west. Picture of my own vintage:

    Alternatively if there is no interest in a field watch then plan B we could use the case for a vintage style diver, inspired by the classic Shanghai. However we will have a vintage diver project in parallel with the same case, in f71. Variety looks more desirable.

    After we will post drawings the aim is to limit the number of votes to speed things up and keep the design integrity.

    The details:
    - 40mm case, 3d render to follow. Thin at the sides, vintage-style. Exact thickness will depend on the movement.
    - A few dial colours to vote on, we may be able to deliver multiple dial colour options depending on interest. MOQ of a dial is 100 (tbc)
    - Raised markers with proper lume (BGW9 - TBC)
    - Date window
    - Bezel material: fixed stainless steel unless plan B - a vintage diver is selected
    - Movement: probably Seagull 2130 tbc and possibly voted upon.
    - Straps: we are currently proposing to include both a tropic-style rubber strap and a "ladder" bracelet, both having that vintage sporty vibe.
    Picture of a ladder bracelet on a vintage watch of mine:

    - Case back with engraving
    - 200m WR with screwdown crown
    - Made by a respected, high quality Hong Kong based OEM
    - 3 core team members are local in HK and will do the quality check before shipping
    - Estimated price: 430 USD - depending mainly on the movement selection.
    - Guarantee: 1 year
    - Delivery expectation: Q2 2018

    Major votes expected at this moment.
    - Which field watch style, or a vintage diver
    - Dial colour preference
    - Movement choice if not st2130
    - Back engraving drawing
    - Logo/text

    The core project team are the same WUS members behind the recent, well received 2016 Chinese mechanical watches subforum project. This team includes HKED, well known for the Bundeswehr, 1963 and all the projects here. We also have experienced designers KJRye and claradead in the team. MrDagon007 will put youtube videos up with prototypes etc.

    Feel free to share your initial impressions.
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    Re: Polling your interest for the f72 2017 project !

    I'm very interested in a field watch. And that ladder bracelet would really be something unique (in my collection, anyway)

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    Re: Polling your interest for the f72 2017 project !

    I am also interested in this project.

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    Re: Polling your interest for the f72 2017 project !

    I'd be interested in a field watch (both designs look good but the second one just edges it for me).

    Thanks very much for pulling this together.

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    Re: Polling your interest for the f72 2017 project !

    I like the Shanghai field watch best though all three are interesting.

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    Re: Polling your interest for the f72 2017 project !

    I would like to see the Hangzhou 5000 movement in a see through case back on the vintage Shanghai diver homage.
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    Re: Polling your interest for the f72 2017 project !

    If there's already a parallel diver, I'd vote Field 1, Diver (assuming this is a diff Diver with the same case as the F71 one) or Field 2. Prob more Field 2 than a 2nd Diver, unless it was really different than the F71 one. I'm excited!

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    Re: Polling your interest for the f72 2017 project !

    I'm interested in the vintage diver/ plan B.

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    Re: Polling your interest for the f72 2017 project !

    That Shanghai officer's watch sure is good looking.

    Mighty, mighty tempting if realized.

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    Re: Polling your interest for the f72 2017 project !

    i have interest in this project

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